Seiko 7A38 - by the numbers


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7A38-6000 SAA039J - Stainless small size 'Diver / Panda'
17526837 35 hours ago
7A38-7010 SAA001J Stainless (Silver anodised finish) Tachymeter bezel
15920969 35 hours ago
Bad examples of re-finishing seen on eBay - Caveat Emptor
6016343 36 hours ago
The 7A28-7120 RAF Gen 1 PriceWatch thread
80796436 2 days ago
Yema N7s and N8s spotted on eBay, LeBonCoin and
62387830 3 days ago
7A38-6020 SAA043J - Black Chrome Large 'Diver' (Brown coating)
12718815 3 days ago
7A38-6080 SAA088J / SAA089J / SAA090J - Two-tone; Stainless and Coated
619423 3 days ago
7A38-706B (SAAxxxJ sales codes unknown) Two-Tone White (Roman & Arabic) dials
234993 3 days ago
eBay Bargain Buy 7Axx of the week - unless you've seen better
10783 3 days ago
7A38-7140 SAA051J - Black Chrome coated (NOT a Guigiaro design)
11516465 4 days ago
7A38-6040 SJS038 - Stainless small size 'Diver' (JDM only)
12814587 4 days ago
7A38-6050 SJS058 - Stainless Large 'Diver' (JDM only - Silver anodised)
6613734 4 days ago
Feedback / opinion on this 7A38-7029 please (eBay seller Flobaca)
452104 5 days ago
Anybody thinking about hooking a rare 7A48-7050 Fishing Master ?
11718039 6 days ago
Rare and unusual 7T32-xxxx variants spotted
9629434 7 days ago