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Where to post about Vintage Seiko Quartz watches (prior to 1983 and non-7Axx)
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1561 over a year ago
Seiko Twin Quartz
121870 3 days ago
Seiko 35SQ (Suwa)
2174 4 months ago
Seiko 3800 Series Quartz
444690 5 months ago
Seiko 0800 Series Quartz (Daini)
71434 7 months ago
Seiko B&R 2628-0040
81548 over a year ago
Seiko 4800 Series Quartz (Suwa)
182136 over a year ago
Seiko 5800 Series Quartz (Daini)
4988 over a year ago
Seiko 0900 Series Quartz (Suwa)
61235 over a year ago
Seiko 3900 Series Quartz (Daini)
2713 over a year ago
Early Quartz Parts & Tools
2367 over a year ago
Seiko 4633 Series Quartz (Daini)
2451 over a year ago
A very brief History of Seiko Quartz
3832 over a year ago
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