Seiko 7A38 - by the numbers



7A28, 7A38 and 7A48 (plus 7A34, 7A36, 7A07 and 7A54).
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Sticky: The ONE and ONLY WRUW thread ....
141592073 2 days ago
Sticky: Everything you always wanted to know about Seiko 7Axx's (but were afraid to ask)
668547 7 months ago
Sticky: Seiko 7A28 / 7A38 / 7A48 / 7Axx Simple Do-it-Yourself Production Date Calculator
299339 over a year ago
What is this 7A28? (Answer: It's the 7A28-7A00 !)
393897 34 hours ago
Seiko Gen1 7A28 - No markings?
12360 6 days ago
Anybody thinking about hooking a rare 7A48-7050 Fishing Master ?
7410259 6 days ago
Show and Tell - Your newest incoming 7A
22321565 1 months ago
A rarer variant of Honda F1 - not a 7A28-7160, but a 7A28-7170
101416 1 months ago
A rather unusual 7A28 7020
387 1 months ago
Seiko 7A28 Collector's Guide .... perhaps not quite The Definitive Guide ?
141557 2 months ago
7A28-7110 SSAY078 Black Chrome Speedmaster (JDM Only) (Topic now re-named)
274786 5 months ago
Rare Seiko 7a28-710a sold on ebay
232487 5 months ago
And yet another Seiko 7A38 Blog Article .... Yawn
6852 6 months ago
Seiko Lassale 7A54-7009 Moonphase Pocket Watch - an interesting 7Axx curio
3146 6 months ago
The Agony of Inaction (and the one that got away...)
4162 7 months ago
Storing 7A38 Watches
2190 8 months ago
List your FAVOURITE FIVE Seiko 7A38's
14911 9 months ago
My 7A28-7020 Bond watch
2188 9 months ago
1176 10 months ago
7A28-703B - How did I do with this purchase?
10490 10 months ago
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