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Yahoo Japan Auctions - Watching Watches - continued ....
9914225 6 months ago
7A28 vs 7A38 prices ?
2139 6 months ago
Another example of shill bidding - or just a suspicious pattern ?
6634 6 months ago
The lower end & bottom of the 7Axx barrel. Bargains & worse:
16027455 7 months ago
More eBay seller shenanigans - WARNING - Multiple Re-Listings
34135205 8 months ago
The filthiest grubbiest photos seen in an eBay 7Axx listing yet ?
83282 9 months ago
Decent Spares/Repairs 7A38-704C
1127 9 months ago
NOS 7A28-6000... with battery damage?
5255 9 months ago
Alien 3 (or Alien: Resurrection) - Another eBay Caveat Emptor...
8113998 10 months ago
Is anybody else besides me sick to death of seeing these ?
143181 10 months ago
Another year gone by - same crap carried forward to the New Year
61167 10 months ago
A RARE 7A28 variant or another deceptively described Franken ?
113391 11 months ago
New Listing for eBay: 7A38 (Just another over-priced re-listing).
152277 11 months ago
Absolutely Ridiculous (disproportionate) Shipping Costs on eBay
31024 over a year ago
Lost in translation .... English as a poor second language
0400 over a year ago
Strong auction selling prices on eBay - a sign of the times ?
81216 over a year ago
Over-priced; incorrectly identified SEIKO spares - Caveat Emptor
235040 over a year ago
Beware Jean Lassale Thalassa 7A74 listed on eBay UK ....
0366 over a year ago
Clockwork Orange - 7A38-7020 Technicolor dial - Hurts my eyes
232977 over a year ago
Seiko 7A38-704A on German Ebay
1596 over a year ago
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