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The not-so delicate art of the hand-painted dial
2230 10 months ago
eBay listings that make you look twice - for the wrong reasons
133279 11 months ago
Would you buy a watch worn by 007 Roger 'eyebrows' Moore ?
4812064 11 months ago
Japanese eBay re-seller utsun_2014 - Caveat Emptor !!
7380 11 months ago
The (NOT) James Bond 007 eBay 7Axx Keyword Spamming thread
232800 over a year ago
Over-priced; incorrectly identified SEIKO spares - Caveat Emptor
247839 over a year ago
More eBay seller shenanigans - WARNING - Multiple Re-Listings
34248961 over a year ago
Is anybody else besides me sick to death of seeing these ?
164457 over a year ago
Yet another OPPORTUNISTIC asking price for a 7A38 !
5816973 over a year ago
Another definite case of Deja Vu and would-be profiteering - WorldWideWeb66
6317767 over a year ago
Latest mis-matched hotch-potch 7Axx spotted on eBay /
10727818 over a year ago
Places to shop for 7Axx's and how to search Yahoo Japan.
3305 over a year ago
7a38-7080 found on ebay. BIN
3331 over a year ago
7A48-5000 - Yet another stained face
0246 over a year ago
Devaluing due to mix and matching
2278 over a year ago
I really don't need another 7A38-7270, honestly ....
238339 over a year ago
How to ruin a NOS
3393 over a year ago
The Worst eBay Picture EVER ?
0234 over a year ago
1217 over a year ago
Greed, stupidity or just plain incompetence ?
2410 over a year ago
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