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Underneath the gold ? And other unidentified Seiko Base Metal coatings
214856 4 months ago
Which pins are the right pins? Seiko 7A38-7289 band & bracelet
2101 6 months ago
7A38-7289 I picked up, looking for bracelet and gaskets
9232 6 months ago
Unusual 7A38 Chronograph Reset Problem - Suggestions anybody ?
2182 7 months ago
Found my 7A38-7069 after 20 years
6285 8 months ago
7A28-702A sub dial hand - source or part # wanted
2142 8 months ago
Gen 1 RAF 7A28 Minute register not moving
5248 9 months ago
Help! :7A28-7000 pushers
0134 9 months ago
7A38 chrono hands don't return to Zero
5172 10 months ago
7A38-7190 Two-Tone Part Number Information ?
5170 11 months ago
Seiko 7A38-7280 reset problem
6392 11 months ago
Hand illumination
1143 11 months ago
Help, I need a link or two for my 7a38-7289 (Alternative Solution)
5227 over a year ago
A (rotating) Bezel Removal Tool NOT to be recommended, perhaps ?
143591 over a year ago
Seiko p/n 4450.727 Switch actuator lever - Obsolete & No Longer Available
151689 over a year ago
Seiko 7A28-7120 RAF Gen. 1 hands
1272 over a year ago
7A28a PCB? source?
4393 over a year ago
Anti magnetic shield material
1336 over a year ago
7A38-7190 - new crystal, gaskets
4660 over a year ago
Misaligned inner tachymetre 7A28-7069
4541 over a year ago
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