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Where to post about Cartier Ferrari Formulas, Orient J39s, Yema N7s and N8s, etc.
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Yema N7s and N8s spotted on eBay, LeBonCoin and
49644931 40 hours ago
Question (Riddle): When is an Orient J39 not a J39 ?
191878 4 days ago
RACER J39 by Orient Watch Co. - The Spanish 7A38 Inquisition
9716113 4 days ago
Some wry observations on Orient J39 pricing
477567 5 days ago
Ferrari Formula Fever - when the Red Mist comes down ....
10820825 2 weeks ago
Orient J39 - variations on a theme part # 99 (ones that got away)
5111 2 months ago
The question of what exactly is a Yema N9 ? - Finally solved
5809 3 months ago
Another subtle variation on the Jean Lassale Thalassa 7A74 'Rolls Royce' bracelet
8954 6 months ago
My Yema N81W53 Chrono
3149 6 months ago
Yema Spationaute III Mission Flags Dial - Clarification, at last !
9286 6 months ago
Jean Lassale Thalassa Quartz Chronograph - the missing 7Axx
2420204 7 months ago
Another Orient J39 basket case restoration project - J39002-70
91575 7 months ago
The non-Seiko branded 7Axx Franken / Wrong Un's thread
193849 7 months ago
My newest incoming Orient J39 - variations on a theme part # 99
8965 7 months ago
My newest incoming Yema Spationaute III .... and strap changes !
348089 8 months ago
The tacit Seiko 7A38 / Orient J3920 / Puma JEPIC Y19 connection
185320 8 months ago
'Rich Man's 18ct Gold Jean Lassale Thalassa 7A74 on eBay
81067 8 months ago
First Orient J38 (not J39) re-branded Seiko 7A48 spotted on WUS
277789 8 months ago
Yema (C.G.H.) N7's and N8's rebranded as 'Fashion Watches'
607409 11 months ago
My newest incoming dressy Orient J39 - another minor variation
5366 11 months ago
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