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Where to post about Cartier Ferrari Formulas, Orient J39s, Yema N7s and N8s, etc.
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RACER J39 by Orient Watch Co. - The Spanish 7A38 Inquisition
10421715 2 days ago
Yema N7s and N8s spotted on eBay, LeBonCoin and
55559840 4 days ago
Orient J39 - variations on a theme part # 99 (ones that got away)
6262 4 days ago
The non-Seiko branded 7Axx Franken / Wrong Un's thread
204348 3 weeks ago
I really didn't need another Yema N8 Flygraf ....
166059 2 months ago
Yet another unusual variant of Orient J39
9140 2 months ago
Ferrari Formula Fever - when the Red Mist comes down ....
11925006 2 months ago
Jean Lassale Thalassa Quartz Chronograph - the missing 7Axx
2522395 3 months ago
'Rich Man's 18ct Gold Jean Lassale Thalassa 7A74 on eBay
101452 3 months ago
What became of Jean-Loup Chretien's Yema Spationaute III ?
4820137 4 months ago
Question (Riddle): When is an Orient J39 not a J39 ?
192573 5 months ago
Some wry observations on Orient J39 pricing
478578 5 months ago
The question of what exactly is a Yema N9 ? - Finally solved
5996 8 months ago
Another subtle variation on the Jean Lassale Thalassa 7A74 'Rolls Royce' bracelet
81247 11 months ago
My Yema N81W53 Chrono
3255 11 months ago
Yema Spationaute III Mission Flags Dial - Clarification, at last !
9464 over a year ago
Another Orient J39 basket case restoration project - J39002-70
91885 over a year ago
My newest incoming Orient J39 - variations on a theme part # 99
81279 over a year ago
My newest incoming Yema Spationaute III .... and strap changes !
349097 over a year ago
The tacit Seiko 7A38 / Orient J3920 / Puma JEPIC Y19 connection
185929 over a year ago
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