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Seiko7A38 at July 9, 2018 at 9:37 AM

An interesting post was added to the Webs Community (Total Lack of) Support topic this afternoon by another beleaguered website owner.

I'm sure I've tried this before with a couple of failed potential new members. I don't need to do the first part, because I already have your email addresses from the contact form messages. So later this afternoon, I'm going to try sending out some more invitations. Fingers crossed. :/

O.K. So that worked after a fashion, but was a bit long-winded and involved rather more manual intervention on my part. But it did work - and this afternoon we were joined by our first new member in over 3 months - MarkH. :)

I've already sent invitations to join (via Webs) to four other potential new members and I'll work my way back through the other dozen or so previously failed applicants tomorrow. Please be patient. 

To help document the process, I'm going to cheat by copying verbatim from one of Mark's emails earlier this afternoon. I'm sure he won't mind. ;)

I got the invitation. From the link it loaded a page and immediately redirected me to a registration page. That page failed with the capture message.

However, I then went to the sign in page and I get a message "Your membership is currently pending approval." Perhaps there's something in the Webs control panel you can see for that.

There is indeed, as Mark wrote. But because you're not signed in (yet), you don't necessarily show at the top of the Control Panel Members page (nor oddly under members waiting approval) where you would have done under the old system. So I first have to search for you to approve your membership. :roll:

Once I've done that, I'll send you the standard request to complete a profile:


I have provisionally approved your membership.

Please complete your profile fully, including location.

When I see you've done that, I'll upgrade your access level.

Regards, Paul.

The other thing that's different about this approach is that it automatically fills the Username field with your email address. Which is not a good thing. That's the first thing you need to change.

Once you've completed the profile stage, you will appear on the forum as a 'Limited' member. If I'm happy that you've completed your profile properly, then I'll approve you as a 'Full' member. If, in the event you subsequently fail to complete your profile properly, I'll send a couple of reminders, then delete any incomplete registration after a week.

One other thing I noticed, even after Mark had completed his profile and been fully approved, he still didn't show as ever having signed in on the Control Panel, nor on the top line of the Forum Member's page. So I suggested to him that he logged out and signed back in again. That did the trick ! :)

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