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Here's another truly hideous 7Axx Franken I've just spotted. So bad it nearly made me puke up my breakfast !  It was listed earlier in the week by an eBay seller from the Dominican Republic - chronodiver_watch, whose username rings a bell (for the wrong reasons). It's listed as a 7A28-7029, which the gold dial, hands movement and case-back are from. But the well-worn case, (faded) Tachymeter ring and bracelet are I suspect from what once was a two-tone 7A38-702H. It's been polished to death in the best Filipino watch botcher tradition, but if you look hard, you can still spot the odd trace of the original gold plating. It's also rather grubby. If you really need to see more photos (including evidence of a severe battery leak inside the case-back), there are 15 more photos of this travesty embedded in the description. :roll:


Watch is working great,

Keeping Excellent Time

Fresh New Battery

Chronograph fuctions in good working order

sets and resets nicely

push button works with no flaws.

Original Seiko bracelet stainless steel with engraved seiko logo


some scratches and dents from time and wear


please see pictures for more details

if you need more info or any Picture please ask glad to help and answer any questions you may have.

I do my best to describe each item completely and post clear and detailed photos.


Diameter: w/o crown : 33 mm

Lug to Lug Tip: 44mm

Dial Color: Gold Tone

Movement Type:Chronograph Quartz 7A28A

If there is a problem with any item you receive, Please contact me before leaving negative feedback. I should be able to resolve most problems.

Two words ....

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Here's another rather more attractive 7A38-702x based Franken that's very likely to catch out an unwary punter, because it's that desirable combination of an all stainless case and bracelet fitted with a black dial - plus it's also quite subtle.

It was listed early this morning by a devious (and greedy) US eBay seller, with an opening bid price of $250 or Buy-it-Now for $400.

Case and bracelet are obviously from a stainless 7A38-7029 (per the title). The seller's 3 photos aren't the clearest, but I'm going to stick my neck out and say that the black dial is a 722L from a stainless 7A38-7270. That said, it wasn't just a matter of the seller dropping that dial / movement into the 7A38-7029 case. Oh No. Check out the day / date windows - they're silver with black lettering. The sweep second hand is silver, rather than white. The 1/10s subdial hand is also silver, whereas the other two are white. I suspect the hour and minute hands also came from the 7A38-7029 rather than the 7A38-7270. That's all assuming that this Franken is the product of just two donor watches. ;)

Seiko 7A38-7029 Chronograph Sports 100 Day Date Watch stainless Steel Back. This watch is in excellent physical shape and is fully functional. On the back of the watch, there are some some light marks on the stainless steel back from normal use. Crystal is in good shape. It has some light marks on it from normal wear. This watch is water resistant. This is a chronograph watch.

This will ship first class parcel with the appropriate amount of insurance. The shipping cost will be a little higher than my normal charge for first class parcel to cover the cost of the insurance.

International Buyers, message me before bidding.

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Seiko7A38 at January 27, 2018 at 7:05 AM

Checking my eBay watching page I note that the Israeli would-be re-seller of that hideous stainless 7A38-7280 'Titanium' Franken ended the listing early, a couple of days ago, because of an error in the listing - presumably the title ! :lol:

Hopefully, that'll be the last we've seen of it, but somehow I doubt that. :roll:

Indeed it wasn't. :roll:

The Israeli seller had re-listed it a week ago, as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of $70. I hadn't bothered to post anything more about it, because there were enough warnings about it on the previous page. Or so I thought. :/

I dunno. Turn your back for 5 minutes and the numpties come out in force.

I cannot believe that mis-represented piece of [email protected] just sold for $80.30. 

The last 3 bids were snipes, FFS !

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Sometimes, I really do think I'm wasting my time by continuing to add updates (intended as salutory warnings) to this thread.  That clearly deceptively attractive 7A38-7029 Franken sold earlier this morning for $357 after 2 bids.

Both bidders sniped it within the last 10 seconds, FFS ! 

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Here's an interesting one - something I've never seen the likes of before, in nearly 10 years of searching for 7A38's on the Internet. It was listed in the early hours of this morning, by US eBay seller worldwideweb66 as a 5-day auction with an opening bid price of $199. He's trying to pass it off as a 'new' watch - complete with partial hang tag (conveniently missing the label part, which might reveal a hitherto unknown SAA product code) and a period Seiko presentation box. It certainly does look new-ish. But according to Seiko's database, no such variant of 7A38-7270 exists. To my eyes, it looks distinctly like the case and bracelet from a gold-tone 7A38-7270 SAA096J, that's been fitted with the black 722L dial and Tachymeter ring from a stainless 7A38-7270 SAA093J. But what do I know. :P

Worldwideweb66 is of course none other than our 'old friend' Wai Phyo, who has graced the pages of this forum section in the past. He's best known as a longtime profiteering re-seller and has his own dedicated thread. Looks like he's branching out into Franken building. He's also been known to be economic with the truth, at times, when it comes to describing his offerings. When I get time later, I'll see if I can find any recent evidence of where he bought the donor watches. He's not usually very good at covering his tracks.

Note the commonly-used half-truth in the description - All parts are original !

Yes, they may well all be original - just not original to this one particular watch. 

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I haven't had much time to dig into it, but I'll have to admit Wai Phyo's 7A38-7270 Franken has me scratching my head for the moment. One thing I am convinced of is that it's definitely a Franken. What I'm having trouble establishing is where he got the donor watch from. There were a few gold-tone 7A38-7270's listed on eBay in the States last year, but most had worn gold plating to some degree. The only example I can find, in similar almost 'new' condition turned up on Yahoo Japan auctions at the end of January (this year).

Seiko chronograph 7A38-7270 SQ speed master TACHYMETER gold model SEIKO rare

One thing that Wai has historically always been very good at is an incredibly quick turnaround - and I'm talking about watches he's bought on eBay in the States for resale, from purchase to having them listed himself in under a week. This Yahoo Japan auction ended on 4th February, so it's conceivable he could have received it and nailed it together within the timeframe. Unfortunately the YJ listing didn't include a photo of the case-back - and conveniently neither does his. There's an interesting coincidence however. The YJ seller's description includes the sentence:

There are scoldings and scratches on the back cover.

Wai's own description includes the sentence:

Back cover has some tool marks from new battery change.

That said, without a case-back serial number, or sight of the scratches, it's nothing more than just coincidence. Even if it actually is the same gold-tone 7A38-7270, obviously there's no way of tracing the YJ winning bidder's ID back to Wai Phyo.

However, if it is, one thing bemuses me. The 7230GX14 gold dial is probably the least attractive of any 7A38-727x dial, by dint of those white sub-dial rings. That said, it is the correct dial for this case model. So why anybody would want to swap it for a black 722L dial to create a Franken, in what has to said is rather dubious taste, regardless of how 'new' it looks, is completely beyond me. :/

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That eBay auction listing by US eBay seller worldwideweb66 ended in the early hours of this morning, with this highly unusual gold-tone 7A38-7270 Franken selling for $305 after 10 bids.

I must admit I was tempted to bid on it at one stage - not for its own sake, but to break it up for its constituent parts. The gold-tone case was in better condition than my own (original) example - and I'm sure I could have re-homed that black 722L dial somewhere. But one thing's for sure - by abstaining from bidding, I'm confident that I haven't missed out on an extremely rare variant of 7A38-7270. :P

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