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Another 7A38-6040 was listed on Yahoo Japan auctions on Monday this week as a 7-day auction with an opening bid price of 30,000 Yen. I'd taken the usual screen prints and saved the photos at the time I spotted it, then somehow completely overlooked posting it in this thread. This example was unusual, in that it came with a couple of spare bracelet adjustment links and the JDM instruction sheet.

Google translates the Japanese seller's description as follows:

Description of item】

■ Manufacturer: SEIKO / Seiko

■ Model number: Speed ​​master / 7A38-6040

Control number: 581

[Goods state]

■ Second hand goods / Operating items

Although we are inserting batteries for operation check, it is not a brand new battery, so we recommend that you replace the battery with the highest bidder after the fall.


■ Since the items in the posted image are all, thank you to tender after confirming the image well.

■ Please think that things that are not in the image are missing items even if there is no special mention in the item status column. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a question.

[To everyone who viewed it]

■ Since this item becomes second - hand goods, please refrain from the tender in nervous one.

■ Please make judgment from the photograph about the detailed condition of the product.

■ I do not have expert knowledge, but I understand I am waiting for questions because I will reply sincerely sincerely in the range.

# Cancellation after the bidding successfully, returned goods, repayment. What reason also we do not accept.

■ Since we have sent a wide variety of products besides this product, please have a look.

The auction, which in itself was slightly unusual, in not having the customary inbuilt automatic time extension, ended a couple of minutes ago. The 7A38-6040 sold for ¥53,800 Yen after 27 bids, equivalent to approx. $495.50 USD / £350 GBP.

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Some of us have witnessed the steady increase in 7A28 / 7A38 prices over the last 5 or 6 years - and the more dramatic increases within the last 12 months. These 30 or so 7A38-xxxx model specific topics, with their numerous sales results serve to illustrate that fact. Not just eBay but on Yahoo Japan too. :/

But the Japanese seller who listed this tatty 7A38-6040 fitted with a NATO strap earlier today, with a ludicrous opening bid price of 90,000 Yen (or the option of a 'Prompt decision' Buy-it-Now price of 100,000 Yen) is dreaming. Or having a laugh. Because his ain't worth half that - even at today's inflated prices ! :roll:

Google translates the would-be seller's Japanese description as follows:

Seiko SEIKO Speedmaster 7A38-6040 Diver Chronograph Day-Date Diver's Watch.

There are not any problems with buying a used second-hand thing of pretty much used feeling several years ago.

Chrono, date change, crown, time adjustment, all ok

Since the genuine belt was shimmered, it was lost when it was removed.

I can recommend it for those who are looking for.

Since it has sent to other sites, it may be deleted.

I think that the price goes premium price and goes with it.

Partially extracted from the Internet Although we do not know when to release overseas, it was released in Japan in 1984.

It was published in the first half of 1984 in the Seiko catalog, but the catalog has been lost in the second half of 1985.

Although it seems that there was a stock of a real store for a while, there is no difference to a model with few sales.

Movement 7A38 is day date, so you can open the date / day window in 1/20 seconds total.

The day of the week can be switched between Japanese and English.

It's nice that Saturday is blue.

The 1/20 second meter does not stare and the calendar never gets in the way.

It is a very beautiful dial plate.

The 1/20 second total at the 3 o'clock position, the 30 minute totalizer at the 9 o'clock position, the center chronograph second hand are all at the top of the wait, and it seems that they correct the spine so that they can move at any time. The size and arrangement of tick marks are exquisite.

I think that this watch is the most attractive.

The case is Gerardo Genta's C line derived design.

A sideline that draws a gentle curve, a refreshing lag that leads to it.

7A38 - 6040 Case diameter 37.2 mm, overall length 42.6 mm, thickness 11.5 mm, glass diameter 28.5 mm

Seiko Speedmaster is a popular watch. This 7A38-6040 tends to skyrocket even in an auction because the number of balls is small.

Grand Seiko Omega Rolex Third Diver Second Diver First Diver Bond Watch Tag Heuer Antique Watch Watch NATO Belt.

I'll refrain from commenting on his small number of balls - but they're big:lol:

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Thanks for the post. I saw that listing, and left scratching my head. I know nearly nothing about 7Ax8 series, and was wondering what I wasn't seeing, that I couldn't fathom that price!

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Well keep your hands firmly in your pockets - and well away from the keyboard ....

Because it's back again, re-listed yesterday, with the opening bid price reduced to 'only' 60,000 Yen. Like I said before - still way too much to ask for an example in this poor condition.

FWIW, the would-be Japanese seller has uploaded an additional 5 more photos, which don't really add anything to what could easily be gleaned by studying the previous set. :roll:

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Having so far failed to sell his tatty 7A38-6040 on a NATO for his reduced, but still grossly inflated asking price, wishful-thinking Yahoo Japan seller fufukimi is trying a different slant. This time, he's listed it as a job lot pairing, with a 7A28-7100, fitted with a non-original replacement bracelet. Yours for an opening bid price of 120,000 Yen, or if you happen to be stoned out of your mind on Sake, the option of a 'Prompt Decision' Buy-it-Now price of 150,000 Yen !

I'm not even going to bother translating the seller's Japanese description.

Instead here's a bit of Japanese for you (courtesy of Google Translate):


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Another 7A38-6040 was listed on Yahoo Japan auctions earlier today, as a 5-day auction, with an over-optimistic opening bid price of 50,000. Like the previous example, it's nothing to write home about. The watch head appears to be in a similar well-worn condition and it's fitted with a non-original stainless bracelet. Going by the LM clasp logo, it presumably originated on a Seiko Lord Matic.

Google translates the seller's Japanese description as follows:

It is very valuable SEIKO 7A38-6040. Time, bezel etc. It turns smoothly, I think that there is no problem with the push button. I think it would be better if you consider OH as you think about the other side. It is a precious model that does not come out easily. How about maniacs? Thank you.

Maniacs ? :lol: Seiko-holics perhaps. :/ Me - I'll pass. Thank you.

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Neither of the above two listings attracted any bids and went unsold. I haven't seen either of them re-listed since. Meanwhile, earlier today another 7A38-6040 in more original condition was listed on Yahoo Japan as a 4-day auction with an opening bid price of 1000 Yen. In their description, the seller hints that there's a chance that the bracelet is after-market, but it looks original to me.

Google translates the Japanese seller's formatted description as follows:

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The above Yahoo Japan auction for a 7A38-6040 ended a couple of minutes ago. The finishing time was automatically extended by a total of 25 minutes, due to late bids placed. It sold for ¥35,500 Yen after 50 bids, equivalent to approx. $339 USD / £240 GBP, which compared to some recent selling prices for this JDM model is relatively cheap in the scheme of things.

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Meanwhile would-be seller fufukimi's 7A38-6040 was back on Yahoo Japan, once again this afternoon. This time fitted with a Seiko neoprene / rubber dive strap - and sensibly listed as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of 1 Yen.

Google translates the Japanese description as follows:

Seiko SEIKO 7A38-6040 Speedmaster Quartz Chronograph Diver's Watch Diver

Antique Watch Vintage Vintage

Chronograph all work.

The model here is an immovable item named Junk, the chronograph is broken, many individuals are sticking the button, I think that the operation goods do not circle much.

The belt becomes a urethane band made by Seiko.

The number of production seems to be small, and the price is gradually premiumed.

I think that Seiko's chronograph is also a rare model.

Aged deterioration, use impression equipped therefore image in good check verification please.

Rotating bezel shows a good taste and attachment gushes.

Thank you for taking this opportunity.

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The above Yahoo Japan auction for a 7A38-6040 ended about 5 minutes ago, selling for ¥33,300 Yen after 71 bids, equivalent to approx. $310.50 USD / £221.60 GBP - and a far cry from the seller's original ludicrous 'pie-in-the-sky' asking price of ¥90,000 Yen (see higher up the page).

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This 7A38-6040, fitted with an unidentified non-original replacement bracelet, was listed on Yahoo Japan earlier today, as a 5-day auction, with an opening bid price of 100 Yen. In typical YJ parlance, it's described as 'Junk', with all the usual caveats, so presumably not running.

Translating the Japanese seller's formatted description doesn't tell you much.

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The above Yahoo Japan auction for a 7A38-6040 fitted with a non-original replacement bracelet ended a couple of minutes ago. It was originally scheduled to end @ 21:45 local Japan time, but was automatically extended by a total of 25 minutes, due to late bids placed. It finally sold for ¥42,200 Yen after 30 bids - equivalent to approx. $385.75 USD / £284.85 GBP. Going by the 5-digit feedback rating of the encrypted winning bidder ID, I'd suspect it was won by an international buyer, using one of the proxy bidding services.

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This JDM 7A38-6040 in average worn condition was listed on Yahoo Japan earlier today as a 3-day auction, with an opening bid price of 1000 Yen. Bidding is currently @ 11,500 Yen.

Google translates the extremely lengthy Japanese description as follows:

Thank you for viewing

Explanation It is not a long sentence, but we will judge that all of our sentences were comprehended at the time of bidding.

At the beginning of the world in the early 80's we will exhibit the Giugiaro Design Speedmaster equipped with the 7A38 high-end model with the day-date display on the quartz chronograph 7A28.

Bracelet etc all original at that time.

● I pulled out the battery without pulling out the battery for many years but if you used to use it for organizing, thank you. Watch shop watch shop to test all the motion It is confirmed. (It is operation with that battery now).

● Explanation Manual notation of chrono hand movement Each return needle 0 The ABC button used for counting as the counter function and fast forward is also working when correcting the misalignment.

● Because it is medieval times, there are scratches accompanying use and maintenance, but it seems that it is a little seen in the black part of the back cover and bezel ring, so even though the watchmaker says it is a beauty item, I think that there is a reasonable level.

The beauty goods referred to in this exhibition are not a translation of beautiful goods like a new article because it is enough to say that it is a beauty item if considering the elapsed time and the product use environment.

Each needle etc. state, especially dullness and dirt can not be seen.

● The windshield is a level that the wound is virtually invisible in nature by visual inspection (the level which it can finally see by enlarging with kizumi etc.)

- The circumference of the arm is amateur measurement, but it is about 17.5 centimeters around our arm. (I will give reference comparison images)

Current thumb is entering with a margin As a belt it seems that there is room for even 18 cm around the arm.

● It is not an export specification, it is an original belt of domestic specifications, so there is a helmet mark of SPEEDMASTER and a giugiaro's clasp in the clasp.

In addition, the calendar will be selected in Japanese / English display.

★ Please note that the image wooden stand is not an exhibit ★

● Because it was long-term storage, I think that I can have confidence enough privately to take into consideration the condition of the old watch over 30 years ago, but I can not guarantee that the initial performance can be maintained, so antique and vintage Thank you bid by those who can understand and understand second hand goods.

★ ★ ★ Immobility belt from around this past spring It is personal not to say that it seems high boiling is around 40,000 yen even if it is outside goods and junk treatment, but after checking the watch store today We checked the usage for about a month.

Although it is present, it is anticipated that it is not inferior to the current sales watch which was within 4 seconds of monthly difference without calendar operation problem, so please use it as a reference value.

★ basically Yu Pack etc etc, us. Bringing in. Bringing in .. we plan on payment on delivery, but, prepayment etc .. hope person etc., hour designation etc .. including correspondence. On our circumstances. If you wish it is possible to correspond Please consult us.

★ ★ If you wish, nationwide even with letter pack is also possible, so if you have hope please contact us in dealings Navi etc after a successful bid.

It is possible to correspond if there is no problem on our convenience.

Although it is a translation that you will make the first contact in dealings Navi after a successful bid, in that case including your date and time designation etc. If you can specify clearly, we will be saved for packing reference.

Also, as soon as the system changes Yahoo! from earlier in the spring, please accept button operation promptly after receipt of the product.

★ It is not a pet breeding or smoking environment, but since it is a thing that has passed over to human beings once it is understood that it can be understood within a common sense range.

☆ We are keeping in mind the smooth dealings after the bidding successfully, the first contact can be gotten within 48 hours after a successful bid, after 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to complete the payment procedure Possible) only possible person. Edge. Exist ... thank you.



★ Because it is an individual exhibition, I hope in a no claim no return, but in the case of judgment that it is different from the notation too much please contact before evaluation

★ ★ In addition, for the prevention of mischief, "bid cancellation" and "cancellation after bidding" are not performed at all except for the below, so "very bad" on the system will be handled automatically without permission.

▲ Indeed I am sorry, please pardon thing that there are things that "people who are new" and "bad" many evaluations are deleted by this judgment. (Please be aware that new people are basically deleted even if they are bid)

★ ★ ★ We will judge that all of our sentences were comprehensible at the time of bidding.

Although I try for packing on the character of the product, please forgive that there are cases when using recyclable materials because of that. 

(Added at 13:27 on June 10, 2018)

Thank you for registering multiple watches in a short time. Since there was a different question, I will add it all together.

Monthly difference measurement is not my machine tester check at the Seiko watch shop but my personal measurement after that.

Initially it was planned to sell in the middle of May, but as I wrote the explanation also the bid price is even a junk treatment It seems that it is expensive No matter how much I treated it as an antique vintage treatment with no claim so I became interested in the calendar We used the time together and used it every day for 32 days and checked the minutes and minutes of the calendar.

Meanwhile Chrono is not used.

Clock dealer says, "Since the quarter clock of independent self-sustaining operation different from the radio clock is the current 100,000 yen class, the monthly gap of around 5 seconds is Zara", so let me judge it as good in the current operation It was.

Also, it seems that this caliber was designed close to the highest peak of those days, so it is said that the minute adjustment mechanism is solidly constructed as a structure (mostly metal parts seems to be) so when battery exchange cleaning or OH It was easy to drive it.

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The above Yahoo Japan 3-day auction for a 7A38-6040 ended about half an hour ago. The finishing time was automatically extended by 5 minutes due to late bids placed. It sold for ¥42,500 Yen, after 47 bids. That’s equivalent to approx. $385 USD / £288.35 GBP.

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Another nicer condition example of a JDM 7A38-6040 was listed on Yahoo Japan yesterday, as a 7-day auction, with a confident opening bid price of 35,000 Yen. As is common with all the small size 7A38-60x0 'Divers' (and a good few other Seikos) this one is suffering from twisted bracelet first joining links. Not difficult to remedy.

Google translates the seller's Japanese description as follows:

◇Used SEIKO Seiko Speedmaster Quartz Chronograph 7A38-6040 Watch Men's◇

【Product Name】

SEIKO Seiko Speedmaster 7A38-6040


Face: About 3.5cm × Width Approximately 4.5cm Width of

Arms: Approximately 19cm

Frame: Wide Approximately 1.1cm × length approximately 0.8 cm

※ It is a guide only.


overhaul history unknown .. Yahoo! Short-cut calculation!

We have a stopwatch function, we will operate, but the accuracy is unknown.

After stopping the stopwatch, the needle does not return until 12 o'clock.

The adjustment method is unknown.

There may be some time gap etc.

There are threads of the face part, rust of the frame part, small wounds.

For amateurs, there are parts that can not be answered, thank you for your understanding.

Management number: YNU

store custody item.

Because it is a store custody, I can not understand details.

The things in the photograph are all.

For amateurs Technical terms, questions etc. I do not understand

Inspections are adequate but there are cases where there is an oversight

Please refrain from the tender of the more nervous one Please bid for those

who can understand.

※ It is a store custody.

※ There is an oversight in the inspection process.

* Perfect condition like new article is not Onza い ま す.

* Please tender the person who can understand.

* Since I will judge that you got an understanding at the time you receive a bid, I would appreciate your favor.

※ We do not enclose at all. Please acknowledge ※※ Please acknowledge not accepting leaving on product management※※Pleasebe sure to read your introduction and explanatory text to the end ※ ※ It will be dealings in dealings Nabis after a successful bid※Those who can   receive theshipping address etc within 2 days,please bid only for those who can pay in within 4 days *■ Condition ■ Because it is a store custody to the last, those who are seeking perfect things and nervousness Please refrain from the tender of the person. The thing of the image is all about the product. Please confirm the state etc. of the product in the image. Please be sure to read the following notes before bidding, thankyou in bid,no claim no returnafter thecustomer was fully convinced. (We agree at the time of bidding)

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