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Seiko7A38 at March 6, 2018 at 11:46 PM

This Yema Spationaute III, fitted with a NATO strap, was listed by a French eBay seller encherexpert_paris16 (of more anon) yesterday lunchtime with an absolutely ludicrous pie-in-the-sky Buy-it-Now price of 679.90 Euros !

Last week, about half-way down the previous page, I wrote a somewhat lengthy, rather critical post about French eBay consignment seller 'EncherExpert' and the above Yema Spationaute III they were trying to sell. 

Indeed I wrote towards the bottom of my post: What a bunch of incompetents ! 

Some may think that was harsh, but now I feel completely justified in my critique.

Yesterday evening, another used Yema Spationaute III, fitted with a NATO strap, similarly ridiculously priced @ 679.90 Euros, came up in my eBay saved favourite search notifications. Indeed, it looked remarkably similar to their previous listing.

At first I thought they might have ended the previous listing; corrected the mistakes in it and re-listed it. But No - that one's still there. What they've done in fact, is list it a second time, using another subtly different eBay ID encherexpert_paris14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is contrary to eBay rules and regulations (when there is only one item available) and hence reportable.

It also makes something of a mockery of a statement on their website, which infers you can walk into one of their 3 Paris outlets, try on and buy the watch in person.

But which one ? :/

It's probably safe to expect another listing by eBay seller encherexpert_paris07 in a week's time, as it goes unsold and they tout it round the streets of Paris. :roll:

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Seiko7A38 at March 10, 2018 at 7:53 AM

Since mid-week, I've fallen behind slightly with updates to this thread, so with the next couple of posts I'll endeavour to catch up. On Wednesday, another French eBay seller antikpratik24200 listed a supposedly 'NOS' Yema Spationaute III and N8 Flygraf which, given their apparently less than perfect condition, with typically over-optimistic Buy-it-Now prices of 500 Euros and 290 Euros respectively.

The markings on the inner silver part of the Flygraf's slide rule bezel are truncated - I suspect rubbed away by someone polishing the crystal in situ (like my own first example). Again, the once black 12 o'clock side of the leather strap is badly faded. The case-back has one particularly nasty deep gouge, inflicted by a slipped tool.

At the time of writing, the N8 Flygraf remains unsold.

Checking my eBay watching page, I notice that 'NOS' Yema N8 Flygraf sold in the early hours of this morning - not for the French seller's slightly reduced Buy-it-Now price of 280 Euros ....

But as revealed by's Look-up tool for an offer of 250 Euros:

As confirmed by the eBay Purchase History:

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Seiko7A38 at March 10, 2018 at 11:53 AM

Which brings me back round to US eBay seller watchaddict412 ....

Could it be that he's beginning to struggle to shift his speculatively over-priced stash of Yema N8's at his preferred inflated asking prices ? :P

His two latest eBay listings are for a Spationaute III (with the less popular yellow lume) and currently a third blingy N81W63 on the Lizard strap. Both these are listed as 7-day auctions with an opening bid price of 'only' $295 (to which of course you'd need to add the obligatory GSP charges of approx. $110 on top). :roll:

If not much else, he's still managing to shift the odd Spationaute III. The above quoted 7-day auction ended in the early hours of this morning, selling for $405 after 7 bids.

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The current spate of Yema '7A38' price-hiking madness continues. :roll:

This N81X26, fitted with an unsuitable Bonklip 'military' stainless bracelet, was listed late yesterday evening, by an Italian eBay seller, with a risible 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of  500 Euros  (or the option to make an offer). Speaking of options, see my comment at the bottom of the listing description ....

Orologio cronografo vintage Yema N8 1x26 con movimento al quarzo Seiko 7a38, uno dei migliori movimenti cronografici al quarzo mai realizzati.

Acquistato solo testa in condizioni Nos e indossato solo poche volte, perfetto sia esteticamente che in tutte le sue funzioni (ora, data, giorno, start, stop, split, reset). Tutti i tasti del crono funzionano a dovere con click perfetto.

Bellissimo dial reverse panda dal look vintage che riprende le linee dei crono militari degli anni 60.

Le anse da 20mm, ben spaziate dalla cassa, permettono di utilizzare agevolmente sia un cinturino tradizionale sia di tipo nato, nonché altri tipi di cinturini di stile militare, cosi come ho cercato di mostrare nelle foto.

Vetro acrilico e ghiera fissa. Cassa dalla finitura sabbiata senza segni o ammaccature.

Corona serrata a vite, 40m di tenuta stagna (vista l'età non posso però garantire).

Orologio realizzato da Yema tra 1988 e 1989 e ormai di difficilissima reperibilità.

Venduto con cinturino nero in pelle (cinturino tipo Nato, Bonklip e Bund non sono parte dell'asta).

Spedizione con raccomandata, per altre modalità chiedere in anticipo.

International bidders are welcome, feel free to ask. (I will add in a few days also an english text, now I'm too lazy to just translate, sorry!)

Although the Italian eBay seller admits he's too lazy to translate, because of the number of strap options shown in his listing photos, I thought I'd clarify for his benefit. Google translates the penultimate sentence in Italian as:

Sold with black leather strap (Nato strap, Bonklip and Bund are not part of the auction).

Took me all of 20 seconds to do that. Not much longer to research this part:

Purchased only head in Nos conditions and worn only a few times ....

This watch has of course featured earlier in this thread (the non-original case-back protection sticker being the obvious giveaway). It was first mentioned a the top of Page 20 when it was listed by a French eBay seller, at the end of May 2016 and subsequently sold a week later for 156 Euros - to the current would-be profiteering reseller: jk13 appears to be a member of this forum

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Just ran a couple of quick searches on LeBonCoin and noticed another Yema Spationaute III, which was listed last weekend that I'd overlooked to mention. It's typically over-priced @ 350 Euros, so is likely to be there a while (like the other two, which have been re-listed ad nauseam). It's fitted with a non-original ZRC leather strap and has a scuffed, rather than (tool mark) scratched case-back. :roll:

Yema spationaute 3

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With so many speculatively over-priced Yema N8's on eBay recently, it makes a refreshing change to see one sensibly priced - even if it happens to be a less desirable 'Pseudo Plongeur'. This N80P896 was listed in the early hours of this morning by an Australian eBay seller stevenkazza_9 (who happens to be forum member 'Steve7A') with a Buy-it-Now price of $125Au (or the option to make an offer). As Steve correctly stated in his description, the mock-croc leather strap fitted (and the tin presentation box it comes supplied in) are not 'period' accessories, but post-1995 items (hence the lower case yema logo).

Vintage Yema Paris N8 OP8 96 Chronograph watch made in France using the Seiko 7A38 15 jewel movement (worlds first quartz analogue movement), fwiw Seiko once owned Yema, rebranded Shimauchi V906 for the Yema brand watches. Very good condition and lightly worn condition with very few visible marks to the face and bezel, some scratches to the back as can be seen in the photos. Comes with Yema box, not original, also a new Yema replacement band. Overall a very clean and lightly worn watch, the buttons function like that of a new watch. Watch face measures 38mm, not including the pushers/ crown. A very collectable watch with a reasonable "buy it now".

Free postage within Australia only, thanks for looking.

International will be sent standard air mail parcel, please see exclusion list for countries I do not post to including - BRAZIL, ROMANIA, ITALY, GERMANY AND CANADA.

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