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Seiko7A38 at February 20, 2018 at 11:33 AM

samulis at March 24, 2016 at 5:56 PM

That black watch is back on sale. I can confirm it has been painted. Whole bracelet is painted badly, watch case is touched up on places where it is worn out. Has new battery for sure as I changed it. Did not help on the movement acting up, but after been send back it now works again.

Although I believe the current UK seller is a member of this forum, I feel it's only fair to point out that the same re-painted 7A38-7290 was back on eBay earlier today.

A rare model Seiko 7A38-7090. Came from original owner. With original box. Am selling a few pieces from my collection.

Crystal has some surface marks, case in very nice condition no metal showing through. Original black bracelet, possibly re-coloured at some point. Runs fine everything works resets back to 12 perfectly, new battery.

According to a previous buyer, there's definitely no 'possibly' about it. 

Hi the watch is what it is. I have removed the word 'possibly'.  

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Rob Benham
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Just when I thought I'd figured P-bucket out.  Anyway, this is the 'Before' picture of the case I re-cut. 

I'll do any further commenting on the fettling threads. 

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As it has obviously escaped your notice, may I remind you the title of this thread is:

Bad examples of re-finishing seen on eBay - Caveat Emptor

Its intended scope and purpose is to post salutory warnings and for discussion of Seiko 7Axx's listed on eBay with non-original case and bracelets finishes (or other painted parts). It is not meant for you (or anyone else) to post their latest tinkering project or test their skills at correctly linking Photobucket hosted images.

Please kindly cease and desist immediately from making any more off-topic posts in this (or any other thread). On the previous page you asked me to delete a post which you'd screwed up. In fact, I'm going to delete that AND the two below it - and the one above. You have 24 hours notice to save and copy your content, should you wish to post it elsewhere.

If you do, may I suggest you start a new topic in the Workshop section under:

Bend it, Mend it - Mods & Wreckers 

Where to post about your modifications; strip-downs and rebuilds; successes and failures.

You might want to give it title something along the lines of:

Rob's Random Ramblings (edit: I'm sure such a thread already exists). :roll:

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