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As most of you know, I only collect 7A38's and derivatives. I restrict my collecting by resolutely sticking almost soley to one 7A caliber.

But there are a couple of 7A28 models that I really do like - even though they don't have that all important (to me) Day / Date window.

One of them is the 7A28-701A JDM Speedmaster SSAY018.

I was watching this one as the auction ended earlier tonight, and saw it sell for what I thought was a pretty reasonable $202.50.


Now I'm asking myself why I just sat there and passed on it. 

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Cos you're bank balance would shrink twice as fast if you'd have bought it? 

Come on join the fun, I buy all sorts of Seikos and am far poorer for it  :)

But much richer in... er... Seikos.  That mainly sit in a cupboard, cos I only wear one, and it's not even a 7a38.

Oh, the madness.

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In answer to your question: I have two favourites ( at the moment) 7A28-7049 maybe because it looks a bit like a diver with the bezel. And don't we all love divers?:roll: Because of my photographic skills the bezelinsert looks like cr*p, but in reality it's real good. I think my absolute favourite is the titanium 7A28-7080. 

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The titanium 7A28-7080 indeed is a very nice model. But my favourite is the 7A28-701A. I just love the tachymeter scale right under the glass. The above from the ebay auction is a nice example. Did you notice the serial number? 2O0303; one of the very first made.

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Well I only have the one 7A28 at the moment. As we all know how things change, but it's one of my favourites. When it comes to wearing it more on dull days brighten them up. Number on back case 2D0--- is this an early one. So I give you a sunburst 7A28-7030.

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Hehe. I have just said it on another post: 7120. And 7040.

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7A28-7049 of course:

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Although not quite my favourite 7A28 - I've got one of those - actually a 7A28-7040, which I bought a couple of years back, on a whim.

Saw you posted that same photo over on Wristsushi earlier in the week:

Something I was going to query was your caption: My 1981 7A28-7049. What's the serial number on the case-back please ?

Hope you don't mind my saying, but unless you want to keep the wabi, your watch would benefit from a Yobokies repro' bezel insert.

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I'm new here, just joined :) Can someone please explain the difference between a 7A28-7040 and a -7049? I cannot tell the difference looking at the photos above.

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Hi, Sri. Presuming the 7A28-7049 (posted by Trandy above) was also fitted with the correct original Seiko p/n B1075S bracelet (which he'd sold in a FS advert on WUS in May 2013), you'd have difficulty distinguishing between say my 7A28-7040 and that. Incidentally, Trandy has recently listed another 7A28-7040 FS here on WUS. The 'Signature Model' refers to the fact that the bracelet has been engraved with the previous owner's name. :roll:

Apart from their case-back stampings, I've never been able to discern any other obvious differences. In theory, 7A28-7040 SPR013J was the European / ROW export model and 7A28-7049 SPR017J was the US export model - though as you''ve probably gathered, there appears to have been some overlap in their distribution.

There is another third variant: the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) 7A28-7040 SAY028. These have slightly different dial printing. To start with, there's no SPORTS 100 and instead of Chronograph in italic type, a smaller block capital CHRONOGRAPH. Their bracelets may look the same but that used on the SAY028 has a SPEEDMASTER logo'd clasp and is stamped with a different AA part number.

Here's one currently listed on eBay in the States: Rare-Vintage-JDM-Seiko-7A28-7040-Speedmaster-Chronograph-/271590677946

You'll find other references and a few photos of them in this thread: Yahoo Japan Auctions - Watching Watches - continued ....

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Thanks Paul, that is useful to know. I was not aware of the JDM models at all.  I will go read up that thread you linked to .. I knew of 4-5 variants of the 7Axx models,  but after reading some articles here, I am floored by the actual number of watches Seiko made with these calibers!!

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Not just Seiko who used them either, Sri. ;)

There's a whole forum section dedicated to the other brands: Non-Seiko 7Axx Discussion Area (Re-branded mvmt's)

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Definitely my Dad's 7089 Titanium:

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Srivatsan at August 29, 2014 at 9:46 PM

I'm new here, just joined :) Can someone please explain the difference between a 7A28-7040 and a -7049? I cannot tell the difference looking at the photos above.

As has been said before, there is no obvious difference........though there is this......

Is it typical or not?, that is the question!

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I have the 7a28-701A and 7a28-7010, but my favourite is still 7a28-7039


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