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villa inferno
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hello to everyone!

i' m new in the forum, and in the passion on Seiko. I was looking for the brilliant Seiko 7A38, but sadly is too expensive for me. Seekin on ebay i found this model of Seiko, that in my opinion is quite nice and classy. 

I hope you like it and if you could give me some opinion about price, and most important on the name of the model

the required price is 150 euros. 

Here there is a of pic of the object.

thanks to everyone who is going to help me!

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I am going to move your topic to the 7Txx Discussion area, because this watch you seek is a 7T24-7A00 (or possibly a 7T24-7A0A).

We have another forum member, Arpad (Gamarp) who is very keen on this model. Have a read of his very recently updated topic:

As you will see from the prices Arpad has paid, the asking price of 170 150 Euros is still MUCH too expensive for a 7T24 ! :o

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villa inferno
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Thank you very much for your quick and very usefull reply! so, i will go on with my search! i love this website, thanks for creating it!!

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Hi Giovanni,

Yes, Paul is right about the price! That 7T24-7A0A which you just showed to us is well overpriced!

Please have a look on this one, which just ended couple of days ago on ebay italy. The seller relisted two times but still noone has bidded so far although the price was lower. But I would say it's still too high especially that the original bracelet is missing.

I have a feeling that we will see this watch back on ebay in couple of days later. If I were you I would send a PM to the seller....

you know what I mean, do you? 8)

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I have examined the picture about the watch you just referred to. I seems to me that the subdial hands are not the original ones, and the sweep second hand (chrono's second hand) is also not original. Avoid category to me!!!

The one I just linked above is original. (Shame about the missing bracelet, but you can stick it onto a nice leather strap)

As Paul mentioned, please visit this topic before you decide to buy an 7T24:

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