Seiko 7A38 - by the numbers


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First Orient J38 (not J39) re-branded Seiko 7A48 spotted on WUS
3114272 5 months ago
Bad examples of re-finishing seen on eBay - Caveat Emptor
6419416 5 months ago
What is this 7A28? (Answer: It's the 7A28-7A00 !)
6511060 5 months ago
How much for a used bracelet adjustment link ???
7402 5 months ago
Salesman's sample cases selling for strong prices on eBay
286887 5 months ago
Feiko after-market bracelets and other spares parts.
1811251 5 months ago
The Victor Meldrew award for Incredulity goes to ....
167 6 months ago
Tinypic image hosting discontinued by Photobucket
280 7 months ago
eBay listings that make you look twice - for the wrong reasons
213765 7 months ago
Yema Spationaute III Mission Flags Dial - Clarification, at last !
182099 7 months ago
eBay Bargain Buy 7Axx of the week - unless you've seen better
151651 7 months ago
Fake Spationaute III Soyuz TM-7 Aragatz Patch on eBay
2163 7 months ago
7A28 - Help after Battery Change
5872 8 months ago
Anybody interested in (numerically) low 7Axx case-back serial numbers ?
2198 8 months ago
Would you buy a watch worn by 007 Roger 'eyebrows' Moore ?
4913542 8 months ago
7A38-7020 with unknown chronograph fault
4188 8 months ago
Yet more deliberate obfuscation by eBay ? :mad:
1260 8 months ago
7A38-7060 White (708L) dial face has started to yellow
61791 8 months ago
(I'm having an) Attack of the Carrera 7Axx Clones
114745 9 months ago
Rectifying someone else's botched handiwork :mad:
51359 9 months ago