Seiko 7A38 - by the numbers


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eBay now actively deleting all ended items after just 60 days ? :(
3372 9 months ago
Webs latest Cloudflare Captcha C*ck-Up - Sorry, you have been blocked !
5194 9 months ago
How to find the actual selling price for eBay Best Offer Accepted ? (Answer: You can't any more)
11548 9 months ago
The non-Seiko branded 7Axx Franken / Wrong Un's thread
287902 9 months ago
Citizen Cal. 35xx - the competition's answer to the 7Axx
5238195 9 months ago
7A38-728A SAA128J and 7A38-728C SAA138J (UEFA EURO 88 Limited Edition) 7240XS14 dial Two-Tones
173553 10 months ago
Webs Captcha issue - New Member Applications
334165 10 months ago
Rare Orient J39 variant found in Spain .... and a Racer from Romania
12981 11 months ago
Inside the 7A38
189231 11 months ago
My new modded Franken Seiko 7A38
141965 11 months ago
Orient Cal. J3920 Technical Manual (updated)
3470 11 months ago
Cartier Ferrari missing pusher buttons - if push comes to shove
227724 11 months ago
The TITAN of all the 7T32 Titanium watches
12654 over a year ago
Am I finally losing the mental battle ? What's your favourite 7A28 model ?
197478 over a year ago
My newest incoming dressy Orient J39 - another minor variation
91790 over a year ago
eBay seller asset stripping - added / subtracted value profiteering
175269 over a year ago
Poor Man's 18K Gold Cartier Ferrari Formula - Caveat Emptor !
3602 over a year ago
7A38-724A SAA086J Two-tone (719L dial)
12622 over a year ago
eBay Re-Sellers / Deja Vu / 'Make a Fast Buck' Profiteering Part 2
4113564 over a year ago
Yema (C.G.H.) N7's and N8's rebranded as 'Fashion Watches'
6513872 over a year ago