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The place to ask questions; hopefully get some help - and share advice.
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Sticky: The all-too-common Displaced Finger Tension Spring chrono' sweep hand problem
2812873 2 weeks ago
Sticky: A salutory warning about checking (which) watch batteries you're using !
2513242 11 months ago
Sticky: Seiko Oceania Parts Database Catalogue Search - New Version
42883 over a year ago
Sticky: How to set the Day / Date on a Seiko 7A38 - and when NOT to do it
79412 over a year ago
Sticky: The place to ask questions; hopefully get some help - and share advice.
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03466 over a year ago
Essential tools
266642 3 weeks ago
Looking for help with my 7a28
21517 1 months ago
Feiko after-market bracelets and other spares parts.
1811016 3 months ago
7A28 - Help after Battery Change
5830 5 months ago
7A38-7020 with unknown chronograph fault
4167 6 months ago
7A38-7060 White (708L) dial face has started to yellow
61717 6 months ago
Crystals and gaskets
11838610 10 months ago
Seiko p/n 4450.727 Switch actuator lever - Obsolete & No Longer Available
162728 over a year ago
Replacement 7A38-7070 bezel replacement ideas.
6021205 over a year ago
HELP! - PARTS/ADVICE NEEDED - 7A28-703x (Posts merged and topic moved)
116216 over a year ago
Cousins UK CC processing
1325 over a year ago
My 'patented' Pusher Circlip / C-clip Removal Tool
139310 over a year ago
Went hunting for 7a28 703b bracelet. Need a little help.
103286 over a year ago
A (rotating) Bezel Removal Tool NOT to be recommended, perhaps ?
156638 over a year ago
Yema N7 / N8 (Spationaute III etc.) specific case-back tool anybody ?
82431 over a year ago
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