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Where to post about your modifications; strip-downs and rebuilds; successes and failures.
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Rectifying someone else's botched handiwork :mad:
5901 4 months ago
Inside the 7A38
188843 6 months ago
My new modded Franken Seiko 7A38
141815 6 months ago
Help me to un-frack myself (adventures in amateur horology)
0210 10 months ago
A brief exercise in fettling a 7A38 'Dinky Diver'
6919 over a year ago
7A38-7020 Basket Case restoration - a.k.a.The RUSTO-mod.
1712 over a year ago
Rescuing a rare rusty Racer J39
2994 over a year ago
An utterly perplexing metal blob on watch back.
0486 over a year ago
7A48-5000 Rusty mess that's not (quite) as bad as it seems
1529 over a year ago
Easy fix of an eBay seller's 7A38-7270 ? Let's see.
9931 over a year ago
Registration of the sweep-second hand against dial (not hitting the marks).
3621 over a year ago
The mythical 7A38-705B - a charcoal black chrome custom concept
61087 over a year ago
7A38-702A movement service
1824 over a year ago
Inside the 7A28 (by Sir Alan)
51689 over a year ago
To mod, or not to mod, that is the question ....
75820 over a year ago
My first strip down
01058 over a year ago
7A38-705A clean-up
62674 over a year ago
7A34-7010 - resurrection gone bad... come good...
8312802 over a year ago
Deep inside a 7T32 (or Shiojiri Y182B) movement
86521 over a year ago
Two 7A's in one day
61751 over a year ago
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