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I've taken some flak recently, for my continued criticism of a number of eBay sellers, many of whom claim to be collectors, but are obviously just speculators out to make a fast buck from the ever-increasing interest in Seiko 7A38's. Although admittedly I sometimes find it tiresome, I can assure readers that I have absolutely no intention whatsoever of getting off my soapbox any time soon. ;) One of the most recent crop of would-be profiteering re-sellers whose activities have been getting up my nose lately, is the greedy little Cypriot hattori-cy. You can read more here

Yesterday afternoon, he listed an average condition 7A38-7010, claiming it to be ULTRA RARE (which seeing as this thread is now on its 10th page would tend to indicate otherwise) and Mint - which his example certainly is not. His Buy-it-Now asking price is an absolutely ludicrous $950, with no option to make an offer.

Vintage SEIKO 7a38 - 7010 Professionally Serviced with Photos Mint Condition (Ultra Rare).

- All Original & Authentic Seiko 7a38 - 7010 (October 1983).

- One of the rarest and most beautiful of the Seiko 7a38 models in mint condition.

- Professionally Serviced (20/4/19) by a Seiko Specialist Watchsmith with over 40years of experience, please check the photos.

- Scratch free original Seiko Hardlex Crystal.

- Original full length Bracelet.

- Fresh installed high quality Japan battery.

- Only few marks of use on the case.

- All functions of the watch are working 100%, chronograph, pushers, everything works like new.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Photos are also part of the description.

Returns accepted only if the product does not much the description, Buyer pays the shipping cost.

I'd be inclined to say the product definitely does not much the description (at all). 

Here's where hattori_cy bought this same 7A38-7010 a little over 9 months ago ....

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Seiko7A38 at July 9, 2018 at 3:12 AM

The recent 7-day German eBay listing for a 7A38-7010 (in my penultimate post) ended yesterday evening, selling for 261 Euros after 22 bids.

The same 7A38-7010, with case-back serial number 3O4450, which does match, sold on eBay Germany in July 2018, for 261 Euros. The encrypted winning bidder of that auction may not match hattori_cy, but it's fairly common practice amongst profiteering re-sellers to use a different eBay ID for buying.

It's worth taking a look at some of the other photos from that German eBay listing.

They're all on page 7 of this thread. The bezel doesn't look quite so mint there. 

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Seiko7A38 at April 27, 2019 at 1:48 AM

This 7A38-7010, which from what you can discern from the two photos, appears to be in pretty decent well cared for condition, was listed mid-week by a UK eBay seller, as a 7-day auction, with a low start opening bid price of £0.99. He evidently doesn't realize what he's got, nor has any idea how to sell it. It's in a job lot pairing with a well-worn gold-tone Avia dress 'Diver'. Both are described as non-runners, but it may just need a new battery.

The 7-day UK eBay auction listing for the slightly incongrous pairing of a well-worn gold-tone Avia dress 'Diver' and a decent-looking 7A38-7010, both described as non-runners, ended yesterday evening, selling for £223 after 26 bids.

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This 7A38-7010, in no better than average worn condition, fitted with a non-original bracelet, was listed yesterday evening by an Austrian eBay seller, with a somewhat over-optimistic Buy-it-Now price of 349 Euros, or the option to make a much lower more sensible offer. Note the tarnishing of the bright facets of the hour batons and the 1/10s sub-dial pointer hand well off its mark, indicating that the hand has been pulled and replaced at some point. The non-original cheap replacement bracelet fitted is once again, non other than our old friend the aftermarket 20mm 'Feiko'.

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Just going through my eBay watching page, I noticed the Austrian eBay seller had ended their listing for that 7A38-7010, earlier this afternoon, because of an error. :roll: I can think of at least three: the stated item condition; description and the pricing. :lol:

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I could have added this post onto all three of the 7A38-701x model specific threads, but as this one gets the most traffic and the problem of missing original bracelets crops up more often here than in the other two, here's where I'm going to add it.

In years gone by, I've purchased a number of NOS 7A38 bracelets from Filipino eBay seller Tony Plaza and have happily paid his asking prices. You can call it 'market forces' if you like, but lately, unfortunately, like so many other eBay sellers, greed appears to have got the better of him too. In the early hours of this morning, he listed a used Seiko p/n Z1118S bracelet, with a 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of $299.95 or the option to make an offer.



Original to Seiko Case Back Number:




Free COMBINE ship.

Always feel free for any inquiry.

In Tony's first photo the bracelet typically appears to have some some link slop on one side, due to wear and stretching of the small interconnecting pieces. Overall, it's got plenty of light scuff marks. Had it been NOS, rather than secondhand, I might have considered it at that price. But thankfully I don't actually need one. :/

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