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I think I know what the answer to this question will be - a resounding silence. :( But there's no harm in asking is there ? :P

Two years ago I started off this website / forum, with the best of intentions - to write a dedicated topic on every Seiko 7A38 variant.

Ahem. Let's just say I've allowed myself to get side-tracked a few times. :D

There is obviously a considerable (if not almost equal) amount of interest in the 7A28.

If you click on the database tab, you'll see that 2 years ago, there were two other people considering creating Seiko 7Axx websites, so I decided to stick to what I knew - 7A38's.  Neither of those sites have progressed any further. So perhaps it's up to us to do something.

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What first got me thinking about this (only yesterday, in fact) was ....

If you look at the Home page, 2 years ago, almost to the day, I wrote:

Hello, and Welcome to what I hope will become THE #1 Resource for Seiko 7A38s (including associated 7Axx 15J calibers .... )

Yesterday we were joined by a new member from Japan - moto_lion. On his profile he wrote:


Thanks for welcome message in my mother language.

I'm sure this site must be the #1 resource for 7A38.

I really like it. :)

I knew we were actually, but it's nice to hear someone else say it. 8)

So if no-one else (on any other website) is prepared to take up the cudgels - why not 7A28's as well. :|

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What made me give the idea further consideration was this morning I added a new post to Adrian (Licu)'s thread about the 7A28-7110.

Adrian had originally started his new topic in the eBay section, but then I decided to move it to the 7Axx General Discussion section.

This morning I've further tweaked it and given it a 'proper' fully descriptive title (as I do with the 7A38-xxxx Model Specific topics).

So it now looks like this: 7A28-7110 SSAY078 Black Chrome Speedmaster (JDM Only) - (Topic now re-named)

There are a number of other pre-existing threads, both in this forum section and in the eBay section, which could be similarly re-named to form the basis of such 7A28-xxxx Model Specific topics and then moved into a new 7A28 forum sub-section to get the ball rolling ....

For example: (short thread on the 7A28-701A). (one full page of info on the 7A28-7A00). (7A28-7120 RAF Gen 1). (7A28-7000).

.... to name just a few.

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With the recent influx of new members, many of whom have joined expressing an interest in 7A28's - I'll ask the question once again ....

Any volunteers, please ? :|

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