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Rob Benham
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This "Estate Used" 7T32-7B30 watch looked sad and the vendor said the stopwatch was not working.  However, a two-button reset seems to have made the stopwatch function burst into life.  The alarm pusher doesn't work, but shorting the contacts inside motors the time set dial.  I'm hoping that's fixable but even set, the alarm didn't go, or  I can't hear it.  (see my thread on the alarm tone in the 7T** general forum.)


Time for a good clean, and see what's behind these pusher buttons.  They seem to trap more than the 7A series, but that's a small sample of two. :/

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Rob Benham
Posts: 269

I spent most of the day yesterday on the project.  It's hard to believe the difference, it really looks an attractive watch.  I'd always intended to try a thick crystal in one of the 7A** series, and this I did, with a 1.8mm X 32.0.   To my relief it looks fine.  Kind of chunky, and the added risk of chipping is outweighed by the protection it gives the top lip of the bezel - the only place that's suffered wear apart from high spots on one of the two bands.

Photos to follow when I can get decent macro.

The failure of two pushers to function seems to be the sheer mass of fluff impacted under the buttons.  (phew!)   All functions run though the alarm is very faint.  As mentioned, my hearing is damaged at that frequency, so I'm unable to really assess it.

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