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This is another of those odd instances when I wasn't sure to where post this little discovery - or even whether to bother posting it at all.

I guess I could have added onto any number of threads in this section: (probably the most logical place)

This came up in my eBay saved favourite search notifications this morning. Didn't click what it was straight away (was still half asleep).

At first bleary-eyed glance, I mentally assessed (and nearly dismissed) it as just another of those Orient JCAxxx's (powered by Orient's re-branded version of the YM55A movement) which I still keep stumbling across when I'm manually searching for Orient J39's (7A38's).

But then I noticed the crown / pusher arrangement and zoomed in on the sub-dials. 

Not sure how original it is - the seller's photos almost give the impression that it's been re-plated. Then there's the hour and minute hands: should they be 'skeletonized' or have lume in-fills ? :/ The strap's a 20mm that has been notched to fit the 19mm lug width.

Regardless - an attractive, undeniably rare and intriguing little dress watch. It would be a pity for it to end up as a (wrongly stamped) movement donor for a 7T27-7A20 RAF Gen 2.  But it wouldn't surprise me at all  if that became it's ultimate unfortunate fate. 

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