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This morning, I was idly trawling the Bay, searching 'worldwide' on Seiko Chronograph to see if I'd missed anything ....

I came across this recent listing by a would-be Albanian eBay seller and had to stop and do a quick double-take.

The description is just exactly the same as the title (and no more):  Watch SEIKO CHRONOGRAPH, 15 JEWELS QUARTZ

For a brief moment I thought I'd clapped eyes on a hitherto undiscovered version of an all-too-familiar 7A38 ....

But this time, instead of being gold tone - This was an all stainless version with a light grey / beige coloured dial:

But No.  Click on the rest of the seller's photos and it's actually just another common-or-garden gold-tone 7A38-7289:

Perhaps I need to adjust my PC monitor's resolution - or get some new reading glasses.  Or then again, maybe not. :lol:

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Well, this UK eBay listing last week did make me look twice, at first - but wasn't tempting enough for me to place a second bid.


That was the only photo. :roll:

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Perhaps it was because I was still half asleep (earlier this morning) when I first saw it, but ....

This one really made me do a double take - and as it turned out .... for completely the wrong reasons ! :roll:

Let me give you a little background first, which will hopefuly help explain. You'll note I often use the term 'Déjà vu' - sarcastically.

Thing is, if you monitor eBay (and other watch forum's sales corners) closely, you'll often see the same watches doing the rounds.

Apart from all the profiteering re-sellers on eBay and Yahoo Japan trying to make a fast buck, you've got a few individuals who buy 7Axx's on eBay and re-sell on other watch forum's sales corners; Watchuseek, SCWF Trading Post and TZ_UK's Sales Corner.

One such individual is erstwhile forum member Chris Rennie. I've documented some of his past activities elsewhere on the forum.

He's still at it - buying cheaply on eBay (usually in the UK) and re-selling for profit to short-sighted buyers on TZ_UK.

His most recent FS advert on TZ_UK's Sales Corner was for a stainless 7A38-7270, which sold the same day: FS: Seiko "Speedmaster" 7A38-7270 Chronograph - SOLD

Knowing Chris's modus operandi, it didn't take more than a minute or two to find where he'd bought it (in the last week of January):

So I dropped a cheeky little post onto the end of his FS thread (after it had sold), just to let him know that I knew. ;)

What I didn't write in that thread at the time was that I thought Chris had been a bit heavy handed with the re-finishing.

He's lost the definition off the bezel (which is way over-polished) and the ends of the watch case are rounded off slightly.

So you can imagine my initial reaction when this equally over re-finished stainless 7A38-7270 popped up on eBay in the States:

I thought I was looking at the same 7A38-7270 back on eBay again - but not available to UK buyers ! :mad:

However, despite their obvious similarities, particularly in the levels of over-polishing ....

If you read the seller's description:




If you are looking at this, you probably already know about the Seiko 7A28, 7A38, and 7A48 series watches. The world's first analog quartz chronograph watches, they are extremely well made, with 15 jewel movements, all metal gear trains, and a rate adjuster so you can fine-tune the timekeeping. These are VERY DURABLE, ACCURATE watches, with one of the greatest quartz movements ever produced. Period. There is even a battery life indicator (second hand will move in 2 second intervals when the battery is low).


This particular watch is an excellent representation of the series. I am the original owner; it was a gift from my father, and my first "good" watch, but it just doesn't get much wrist time anymore. After many years of use, it was a little beat up, so I did some work to make it pretty again. I polished and brushed the case and band, and had the mineral glass crystal replaced. I think it turned out looking pretty good! One thing I've always liked about this watch is how CLEAN and LEGIBLE the dial is! For all the features, it still doesn't look cluttered, and is very easy to read. Since this is the original bracelet, it has a bit of stretch, but it still has life left in it. All the functions work perfectly, of course! This watch served me well for many years, and it should do the same for you!


MOVEMENT: SEIKO 7A38 Chronograph with Day and Date. 15 Jewels, battery life indicator, rate trimmer. Day is in two languages, English and... Portuguese? Italian? It's not Spanish, but it's kind of close. I don't remember how old the battery is, but it doesn't need to be replaced yet. Everything works perfectly.


CASE: Stainless steel, polished as described above, some scratches consistent with age. See pictures for condition. Pushers have a good, crisp feel. The pictures don't show it, but the case back has a rubber gasket in good condition.


CRYSTAL: Mineral glass, recently replaced, perfectly clear.


BAND: Original to the watch, stainless steel. Some stretch consistent with age, but still useable.


Payment is PAYPAL ONLY. Shipping to USA only. Shipping is USPS priority insured, $10 flat. Payment is due within 5 days of close of auction. Returns are only accepted if item was misrepresented. Fast payment is appreciated, and I do my best to ship as soon as I receive payment.

As a 'sanity check', I compared their case-back serial numbers - obviously different watches: 8N8281 (Chris's) versus 8N4030:

That's when I had to do the double double-take ! 

Note the part number of the bracelet fitted B1339S (stamped B1339.E) versus the correct original B1615S (B1615.E as on Chris's).

I don't think I've ever seen such a well-matched incorrect replacement bracelet fitted to a stainless 7A38-7270 before.

Checking Seiko Oceania's database, the p/n B1339S would have been the correct fitment on a stainless 8C23-6050 and -6059.

Strugging to find a decent image of a stainless 8C23-605x at the moment, but it's basically a typical early 1980's SQ analogue watch with a 12-sided bezel and similarly hooded (18mm) lugs. There are a few images of the two-tone and gold-tone 8C23-6059 variants on the 'Net and the bracelets on those versions appear to be virtually identical to the equivalent B1615C and B1615G.

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Paul, I think the B1339-E band has "shadow" links etched on the end pieces ?  :/  Factory installed ?  :/

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Indeed it does, Don - well spotted. ;) I'd noticed that in the seller's second photo, but was wondering if anyone else might spot it. :P

Could be factory installed, I suppose - possibly by accident. :/ The parts list for the stainless 7A38-7270 only calls up p/n B1615S.

I was going to message the seller, asking him if he was absolutely certain that it was the original band that came fitted on the watch.

But he's blocking messages from outside the USA. :roll: You wanna try giving it a shot ? :|

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Paul , I contacted the seller---     8)


New message from: beamlineguy (289)


Hi Don, thanks for your interest. I can tell you that I never replaced the band, and I have owned the watch for decades. This is the only band that I have ever used on it, and always assumed it was the original. The watch was a gift from my father, and I don't know where he purchased it. I suppose it's possible that the original vendor replaced the band, but that would have been very early in the watch's life. Hope this helps!     :/

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This one probably more rightfully belongs in James's Lower end & Bottom of the 7Axx barrel .... thread:/

But when I spotted this listing for a rather tatty 7A38-7180, yesterday evening, it did make me look twice - for the wrong reasons.

Subtitled: Some eBay sellers are masters of understatement. :roll:


Listing vintage Seiko Chronograph 7A38-7180.

Not tested sold as not working.

Condition: Crystal is badly scratched.The black is wearing on watch case and strap showing metal beneath.

Please see pictures.

Anybody like to speculate why the seller assumes it's not working (and hasn't bothered to test it) ? :|

Hint: Red Nose Day 2015 (March 13th) has been and gone a couple of months ago. 

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When I saw that, I wanted to throw -up :P  It looks like it was full of water sitting up-side down, rusting :mad:

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Something slightly different for a change, but the subject matter fits this topic title quite nicely. It certainly made me look twice. 

Subtitled: Space junk for sale on eBay France

Would anybody care to have a go at identifying what is actually being offered for sale by this French seller ?

Seller's description reads:

Boîtier Yema pour homme avec micro rayures sur le fond boîte les trois poussoirs sont fonctionnels manque couronne ensemble bonne état. Voire les photos qui fonts partie de la description.

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This looks like an early Spationaute I case fitted with a Spationaute III ( Three ) bezel.

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You nailed it first time, Don. 

Simple matter (ignoring the strange crown / pusher arrangement) of reading the case-back inscriptions in the seller's photos. 

Question is, has the 'wrong' Spationaute III bezel (off a 38mm 'reduced' model N80A696) been glued or hammered in place ? 

You can bet your bottom dollar it wouldn't rotate / ratchet, without falling off, for the reasons shown in this thread.

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Lately, I've been getting all kinds of 'other crap' coming up in my eBay searches on Seiko 7A38. A lot of it is down to deliberate keyword spamming by sellers. Don't think this case with this supposed 7A38-7000 that was listed overnight by a US eBay seller. :roll:

More a case of extremely poor eyesight. 

It looks like the seller has cloned this recent listing for a gold-tone 7A38-7000, using eBay's 'Sell One Like This' facility. :roll:

Clearly it's actually a Seiko 7T32 of some sort. Maybe a 7T32-7A20, possibly fitted with a non-original bracelet. :/

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Normally, I wouldn't bother looking twice at an eBay listing for a well-worn and knackered two-tone 7A38-702A / -702H. Especially one with photos of the watch stretched across the would-be seller's fingers and naff keyword spamming like 'Royal Oak Design' in the title. :roll: But this one listed at the weekend by an Albanian eBay seller as 'Parts or Repair' deserves a mention for the seller's ingenuity (if nothing else). Check out the battery retainer ! :lol:


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It wasn't really worth starting a new thread just to post this - and so for want of somewhere better, I elected to tack it onto this one. If I had started a new thread, I'd have probably chosen a topic title along the lines of ....

For that original authentic wabi'd look ....

I need to touch base with Harold Ng (Yobokies) to ask him (purely out of interest), how many of those repro' 7A28 / 7A38 bezel inserts he's sold. I'm guessing the number of 7Axx's that have been fitted with them probably runs into the hundreds by now. But what do you do with your old battered original insert ? This came up in my eBay saved search notifications overnight, listed by a US seller ....

Sold As Is/For Parts

Genuine Seiko 7A28 bezel insert and crystal

Used, shows wear including scratches

God loves a tryer. :roll:

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