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Rob Benham
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I feel that if I keep trying, I'll eventually be able to work on one or two types of watch.  Havn't tackled the T series yet - not in any depth anyway.   However, the real problem now is trying to catch up with forum members on the skills of finding things.  To me, that's much harder. :(

Anyway on ebay, there's a bezel I want.  At least it looks like it, 83369489 and at a heck of a price, but to have just one on standby might be an investment.


The other thing I'm up against now is measuring O ring gaskets.  What do you do?  My vernias are all too meaty to get in the groves.  Do you buy ones with thin edges - or just rely on data.  Esslinger quote the inside and outside diameters, but that's no help when I can't measure it.  (Needless to say, I've lost the ring on the one I boiled to release the pusher. )   I've looked on some of Paul's links but frustratingly they don't seem to extend to case parts.   

I've another two watches arriving shortly.  One is a gamble that the guy didn't know how to reset it after the battery was installed.  If that's all it is, I'll offer it back to him. 

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Rob - don't lose soft parts, don't use chemicals that destroy soft parts! IE crystal gasket, bezel gasket , pusher o-rings !! They are hard to come by.   The bezel on Ebay is for case 6119 - that is an automatic mvt case number, probably won't fit. Rob I have sent many watches back for refunds, starting back in the 1980's when you bought blind off a list of watches for sale, you would call the seller and they would describe it to you over the phone. :roll:

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Rob Benham
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This is the one.  Just have a gut feeling it's the one for the 7A38-7000.  83369489 finds it.

Chemicals???   Hah!  I was about to get my 4lb hammer out again.  Really, I was thinking of cutting the button off the pusher and pressing the stem inwards with a <1mm rod.    Pressing it in after soaking probably unglued it and just took enough lube in to let me poke it out again.  I could not move it without the drill press - even using both hands and pressing it on my table. 

The thing is, if I could get a reasonable O ring, the rubber would offer some tollerence.  It's just that I can't come close to an accurate measurment to buy generic parts.   The rebuild of my 7A38-728A is stalled for the want of a bezel gasket.  When it came out, it was far too big!  I tried to push it in but it got trapped as I pressed the bezel down.  That was the end of that.  Most frustrating.

Has anyone else found they stretch llike that?  I've had one or two that were tricky, but nothing like that one.

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Rob. Why don't you listen (or read) when people try to give you advice ? :/

Don is correct. That bezel p/n 83369489 is for a 6119-8080 (Seiko 5 Auto). Someone has written the model # in biro on the packet. 

The correct Seiko p/n for a stainless 7A38-7000 bezel is 82333609

The rebuild of my 7A38-728A is stalled for the want of a bezel gasket. When it came out, it was far too big! I tried to push it in but it got trapped as I pressed the bezel down.

Easily done. :roll: That's why I discourage novice tinkerers from disturbing case to bezel gaskets unless absolutely neccessary.

The Seiko part number for that nylon gasket is 86178990. They are still generally available (but a real b*gger to fit when new).

May I suggest you get used to using this to find your part numbers:

Knowing the correct part number is half the battle of sourcing them. ;)

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