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Rob Benham
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She sounds nice, but was afear'd of pulling the Seiko out of the lot as she didn't want to annoy ebay.  In the end I was glad as I'd have paid a lot more for the sad little watch at the back.  I got the parts out of it I wanted, but just idely rubbing the case, the genie of restoration leaped out.  Long story short, I did battle with a pusher than made the one the other day like a free lunch.  This time I put WD40 into the button surround and took a soldering iron to the inside of the case.  I ran the 240v iron on 110v and took my time.  Suddenly the WD40 was gassing bubbles out of the cracks but I kept heating the frame until it was getting too hot to hold.  Now it was bubbling furiously.  The pusher came out smoothly. 


Now all I've got to do is get the solder off the case. :/

The swtich levers are good, and the coils all read the correct DC resistance.  The cicuit was stuck to the back antimagnetic plate, but pry'd off easily.  It has some residue on the back side, but I do not feel inclinded to look for a solvent for it.  This product is only on the opposite side to the ciruit. 


Okay, now to the joke on me.  The crown head had been smashed off.  Slight bending to the outer edge of the tube, but that's it.  I removed the bit with the O ring on it and operated the stem with tools.   Horrors!  Something's missing.  The little wheel that I'd mentioned to other members was not there - the movement had surprised me by comeing out with the stem in (now that it had no crown) but had fallen on its safe side of fine plastic wool type material.  Back a week or so.


A charming old watchmaker up in the NE states somewhere was telling me a tale or three.  He asked me if I'd knew what floor time was, and I suggested an apprentiship,  until I realized.   Oh, it's the time you spend groveling about on the floor.  He laughed, I'd got it in two.  Now I was groveling and it was on a carpet made to hide dog biscuits, let alone minute cogs.  My 3lb magnet was no help.  Some hour or so after I'd given up and was trying to borrow one from a 7A38, I realized there was no slot cut in the steel plate.  It was a 7A28, and no wheel had ever been fitted.

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