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Those readers who take an interest in non-Seiko 7Axx's and have read this other thread will no doubt be aware that a Yema N7 is in effect a Seiko 7A28 built by C.G.H using a movement signed Shimauchi Ltd. V905 and that a Yema N8 is a 7A38 (using the V906 A).

But what's intrigued me for a long time is what exactly was the Yema N9 (V909 A) also shown on the front cover of this manual. 

That's a photo kindly sent me a couple of years ago by a French eBay seller (whose auction I didn't win).

He also thoughtfully emailed me this photo of a couple of open pages (from the English language section):

Don't ask me how, but despite all the Yema N8's I've bought over the last 5 years, I still hadn't managed to get hold of a copy of the manual. One came up with a comparatively bargain priced Yema Spationaute III listed on last month. See top page 9.

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Now as both Cartier (Ateliers A.B.C.) and Orient Watch Co. produced 7A48 moonphase variations in the form of their Ferrari Formula Cal. 532 and J38 (J3820 signed movement), one would possibly logically expect the Yema N9 (V909 A) to have been C.G.H.'s version of the 7A48. But I've never so much as stumbled across anything vaguely resembling one. :/

For a long time I've suspected that the Yema N9 might in fact have been their Seiko / Pulsar N945 based chronograph.

They certainly produced a good few model variations using this 'upside-down' tri-compax quartz chrongraph calibre:

However as the N945 movement's crown and pusher / dial layout / operation / functionality is obviously quite different to the Seiko 7Axx's (and hence the Yema N7's and N8's) I think it's extremely unlikely that they would share a common user instruction manual.

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The package containing my newest incoming Yema Spationaute III and my very first copy of that manual arrived in this morning's post.

So after I'd examined the watch and played with it a bit, satisfying myself that everying was working as it should (of more anon) ....

Even though I think I ought to know by now how to operate one of these chronographs (blindfolded) ....

I thought I ought to sit down and read the instruction manual - and see what else I could learn from it. :P

My copy of the manual is very tidy, but the pages are quite badly yellowed. Rather than try to photograph the pages, or flatten it out to put it on my scanner bed, in an effort to keep it half decent, I'm going to type out any relevant passages (there aren't many).

The manual is in 6 Languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German. On Page 1 it says:

Congratulations ! You are now the proud owner of a YEMA analogue watch series N7, N8, N9. To obtain the maximum performance from your YEMA watch, we would ask you to read this instruction carefully and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

The English language instructions begin on Page 18. The first clues to the existence of another caliber comes on page 19 under


2) Calender (for watches with this function): day / date or only date.

4) Counter: 3 different types of counting scales are available.

'Only Date' could refer to a 7A34 (or possibly even a 7A74) or a 7A48 - but there in no mention of a Moonphase feature.


Nothing remarkable in there, other than these rather more specific instructions (compared to Seiko's own - see this thread):

NOTE : To go from Midday to Midnight, avoid turning the hands anticlockwise.

NOTE : Do not change the date between 9 P.M. and 12 Midnight. and Do not change the day between Midnight and 4 A.M.

That's about it. There is no further mention of N7, N8 or N9 anywhere else in the English language section. Virtually all the annotated diagrams depict the classic 7Axx crown / pusher arrangent and / or the 7A38 sub-dial day / date layout - with some sub-dials omitted from certain illustrations (as in the photo of pages 26 and 27 posted above) although the manual could obviously be used for a 7A28.

These manuals were printed in 1989 - C.G.H.'s first year of proper Yema N8 production (as opposed to prototype builds):

Perhaps at that time it was C.G.H.'s intention to produce a 7A48 Moonphase version, but it never materialized. Who knows ?

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I'll admit I do get some mild satisfaction from bumping old threads - particularly when they're three years old and I finally manage to find the answer. It seems the Yema N9 does exist - and it's a moonphase chronograph (of sorts) too - but it's not from the same Seiko 7Axx family. I just happened to spot one listed on Yahoo Japan auctions (of all places):

腕時計 イエマ YEMA PARIS ムーンフェイス N90T296 電池交換済 送料200円可#5050

Google translates as: Watch Yema YEMA PARIS Moon Face N90T296 Battery replacement postage 200 yen yes # 5050

It's one of those awful cluttered YJ Store Seller listings, so I'm not going to bother posting the usual screen prints, just the photos.

When I first saw the photos, I wasn't sure about the bracelet - it looked wrong somehow. Obviously, never having seen one of these before, I had nothing to compare it with - to confirm if the bracelet is the correct original fitment. But I think it is (apart from the clue of Y logo'd clasp). The reason it looks odd, is because the numpty seller has re-fitted it with the end pieces the wrong way round. :roll:

So definitely not a Yema '7A48' as I'd hoped it might turn out to be - and strictly one for the Lunar-ticks amongst us. 

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So I guess all that remains for me to do is to amend the original title I gave this thread ....

The question of what exactly is a Yema N9 remains unanswered finally solved. :)

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I was just running a worldwide eBay search on Yema (looking for N7's and N8's) when I stumbled across another of those N9's.

It was listed earlier today by a Japanese seller, funnily enough. Although there's no mention made in the title or description, it looks like the same model number - N90T296 (not too difficult to discern from the seller's photos of the over-polished case-back). Except this one is fitted with a leather strap in place of the bracelet.

I can't honestly be bothered to upload any more of the photos and I'm certainly not going to copy over the seller's extremely naff floral description. :roll: Incidentally, that previous example on Yahoo Japan sold for 5250 Yen (approx. $47.50 US) after 25 bids.

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