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Sir Alan
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My latest 7Axx arrived today, a 7A28-7020 which was listed with the words:

" ...been serviced a few times by Seiko in Maidenhead, but now not working and being sold for spares or repairs"

I'll let the pictures do the talking .....

a rust spot to the dial at 21 mins. Hopefully that will clean up. A damaged tachy ring - that won't. The dial looks relatively good on the whole ...

Hello, whats this polyp on the bezel?

it looks like a weld speck. A thorough inspection reveals another on the 4pm pusher barrel

and more on the bracelet

as well as this, we've got paint

and here

I would hazzard a guess that we have a car mechanic as the previous owner. With this on the outside I was somewhat concerned as to what lay inside.

Movement out and the insides are not pretty:

here's the dial side - hopefully the screw at 1pm isn't rusted ...

(it wasn't) - and underneath:

but surprisingly the battery compartment is clean:

maybe there's hope for this one yet .......


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Sir Alan
Posts: 457

Three good sessions have resulted in this:

which has actually turned out better than I thought it would when I first looked at it.

Despite the rust on the dial side of the main plate, that was the only 'damage' to the movement and it cleaned up quite easily. The movement is in great condition (I'd give it > 90%) and the PCB itself 100%.

I stripped it down to the main bridge (!!) and cleaned and oiled everything.

The 'rust' on the dial cleaned up but was quite stubborn - I was worried that in getting it off I would bring the dial printing off as well.

The tachy ring is as-was. I couldn't clean it up but luckily what I did do didn't make things any worse. Under magnification it looks quite bad, but actually looks OK (especially with my eyesight).

Its had a new crystal (a Sternkreuz MSM 320) and the bezel and crystal gaskets are from a donor case I've had for a couple of years (I bought a dial/hands/movement for the 7A28-7009 from Oz and the seller shipped it in a gold plated 7A28-7020 complete case).

I'm really pleased with the bracelet - there is no stretch in it at all and its cleaned up very nicely (a careful brush with 600 wet&dry) and its full length.

The weld pips and splatter came off with sideways force. Then it was 600, 1200 wet&dry followed by a buffing with my dremmel.

This is only the second 'polish' I've done and I think its come out well, I don't think I've made things worse.

This one is a keeper - well, until a perfect condition example comes along.

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