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While scouring the sites and fora looking for something to help me dispose of some of my disposable income, I chanced upon a new quartz--well, new to me anyway--that has quite captured by attention:  a blue dial, blue strap 7T92 bearing the nomenclature SND379R.

I found a good price and am all aquiver in anticipation of "pulling the trigger," as the saying goes.

Any forum members' views on the particular module involved (reliability, accuracy, etc.) or on this model itself?  I am guessing that because it's a Seiko both reliability and accuracy are excellent, so the questions are almost superfluous.

Still, any comments or even encouraging grunts would be welcomed.

Respectfully Yours in all my Newbie-ness. 

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Hi, Najeeb.

Sorry - I don't personally have a straight answer for you.  Your question isn't exactly but unless another forum member has bought the same model (unlikely) or indeed any 7T92-xxxx, I doubt anyone else will give you an answer. Please allow me to explain.

Basically, the forum caters for the 7Axx range of quartz chronographs, which were produced (by Seiko) from 1983-1989.

The 7Axx's were superceded by the 7Txx's in 1989 and the (cheaper to manufacture) 7T32 became Seiko's mainstream workhorse quartz chronograph movement. It spawned over 300+ case model variations using just that specific movement alone. There were also other 7Txx movement sub-variations like the 7T24, 7T27, 7T34, 7T36, 7T39, 7T42 and 7T52, culminating in the collectable all-singing and dancing 1/100s day / date 7T59, which was only produced from 1990-1992.

As some of us had dabbled with 7T32's and 7T59's from time to time, I thought it might be worth adding this extra forum sub-section. Particularly as used 7T32's can often be picked up on eBay for as little as 20-50 Quid and many of us have been tempted by them.

The emphasis was still intended to be very much on collecting / repairing and restoring older classic / vintage quartz chronographs.

See this old thread on Scope of Forum Topics.

The 7T32's were superceded by the 7T62 movement in 2002.

There were even some case designs carried over (apart from a change to the simpler 3-button configuration).

For example the 7T32-7F80 (SDWE03P1 and SDWE05P1) became the 7T620CM0 (SNA265P1 and SNA267P1)


Athough I do remember looking at a brand new (but then 10 year old) 7T62-0CM0 on display in a local jeweller's shop window and comparing it with my 7T32-7F80, my own experience / knowledge of the 7T62 is limited to replacing a battery in a work colleague's watch. See this thread. (The 7T62 has since developed a reputation for unreliability after first battery change).

To be honest, I'm not even sure when the 7T62 was superceded by the 7T92, but I'd personally class the 7T92 as 'modern'.

I wasn't even sure of the exact differences in functionality, and had to google to find the answer - which you may find helpful:

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But don't let me put you off 'Pulling the Trigger'. :P

I did a reverse look up on Seiko Oceania's database, to find the full 7T92-xxxx case model number, but it came up as 'no data found'.

So I googled images on Seiko SND379R instead. There's plently out there, particularly on

Can't say that it's exactly my cup of tea. Yes I like the dark blue colours, but I've always thought 'Compass' bezels a bit pointless. :/

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Thanks for the overview.  The photo you included is the exact model that I've decided to buy.  A couple of things on the watch appeal to me and hastened my decision:  the dark blue dial, but as for the strap I'm not sure whether I'll keep or replace it for wear; and the hands, which immediately suggested to me those of another quartz watch, the Omega Seamaster Professional, which is no longer produced in quartz version I don't think.  I agree that compass bezels hold no attraction, but the other appealing features tipped the balance.  Again, appreciate your tutorials as I wade into these new waters.

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