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Ross McS
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I recently bought this, knowing it was the wrong for my 7a28-7040, but had hoped that after a light bead blast, it'd look similar to the original. Unfortunately, it's too small - does anybody know if it was originally intended for a 7aXX watch, or if it'd be possible to source spare links?

Many thanks!

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Site Owner
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Hi Ross. Apologies for the slight delay in replying. To be honest, I've really got no idea what it's off.

My normal first recourse would be to do a reverse look-up (i.e. ask 'Where Used?') on Seiko Oceania's database, like this ....

(It's a normal Seiko convention to add an 'S' for stainless onto the part number stamped on the bracelet ends).

But as you can see there is no data found. :(

The number is certainly 'in the right ball park' for a 1980's vintage Seiko bracelet.

However I don't think that 'SEIKO JAPAN' stamped clasp is original to it. They're normally seen on 'Feiko' bracelets.


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Ross McS
Posts: 24

Thanks for the reply. I also bought a 'Feiko' bracelet which arrived at the same time - looking at the quality and construction, there's a clear difference and this one looks more like what you'd expect of OEM quality.  Annoyingly, the links aren't interchangeable so I'll just go with the 'Feiko' bracelet for the time-being, which I've just bead-blasted to match the 7a28-7040 case!

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