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New to this forum but this looks like the place for older quartz seikos.

I've got a 7T34A (not B)  whose small second hand is getting stuck sometimes.  I wanted to remove the crowns so I can try and just pull it off and then try to reapply hoping that it might remove any gummed up oil (which is my guess), but I can't for the life of me figure out how to remove the two crowns.  There's no "PUSH" text that I've seen on the B variant. I've pushed all the holes and risked damaging the movement.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Posts: 3

Thanks to Sir Alan, I was able to get the crowns out.  It has to be pulled out ot the first click and I had to fidget around before I hit the detents.  If you look at hte pics that are up of the 7T34B on the A variant it is "close" to where you would see the pushes on the B variant.

Watch is still crapping out after a couple of ours  but a hard bang starts it up again for an unknown amount of time.

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