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I admit there are some 7T32 models which I particularly adore. For example the Titanium 7T32-F050. My first 7T32 was actually a 7T32-F050, see this topic at the begining:


For some reason I became bored with the two tone appearance and later that F050 has been sold. The truth is I always wanted its brother the grey dial version with silver links in the bracelet: the 7T32-F060.

Guess what? I have found a nice sample case so the journey could begin.

Here are just a couple of the seller’s original shots:

Very nice, indeed! :P

Note the model number: SDW701. There is a small glitch here, as Seiko Oceania shows that the SDW701F (to be precise) is actually the 7T32-F069.....which gives me the impression that it should be made for US market. But the caseback shows 7T32-F060...hmmmm...strange. If you look closer the photo you will realise there are actually two stickers on the back one covers the other. I'm pretty sure the truth lies underneath that upper sticker.....but I don't want to remove it. :)

I will figure out the truth in different way later.


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The sample case arrived quite quickly and I was very excited about the resurrection project.

I knew that I had to find a donor movement. How hard could be to find a 7T32 on eBay? :P Not a big challenge for sure! But!

I had couple of reqirements just to speed up the project and keep the cost resonably low without buying too much 7T32 models and breaking them for their parts.

Therefore the date dial/disc had to be the "white letters on black background" type, and "holding ring for dial" should have been the same which used for the F060...meaning I needed the 0866602 part number item. And the most important thing is: the movement should work properly! Getting difficult. :/

I did a reverse search on Oceania's database and write down all the possible 7T32 models which could be used for this option. Unfortunately those models are quite rare (and expensive) on ebay which has the same "holding ring for dial".....but I was lucky enough to find this:

Looks like it will be a perfect "direct swap" movement. Just swap the hands and dial and ready to go! 8)

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Meanwhile the sample case arrived. I opened it immediately. Ladies and gentlemen this is how a 7T32 sample case looks inside:

Sorry for the quality of the was late in the evening when I took them.

No stems, no date disc...just as I expected it.

I already removed the pushers....I'll get back to that in a minute.

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The easiest thing to remove were the pushers. For this model Seiko used not the typical C shape clips but a green colour plastic collars. I was lazy to take any photos of it, but probably you know what I'm talking about. Its part number is: 81400900 and Oceania's database called them "Button spring clip".

What I did not see on the seller's photo and actually only realised it when the case was in my hands that one of the pusher (at 8 o' clock position) was stuck. Why? That's why:

Here is the point when my dilemma started. :/ Should I try to straighten taking the risk that I will break or just buy a new one?

Buy a new one of course! :roll:

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Before I'm getting forward let's just mention something quickly.

I forget to mention that the caseback of the sample case didn't have that speaker plate for making the sound for the alarm. At the begining it didn't bother me at all as I never really use this function anyway so I could live with it. But then..BINGO! :D When my donor arrived - which is actually a Titanium 7T32-7H40 - I realised that I can just swap the caseback and problem solved!

The next phase was to remove the hands from the dial. made me sweat as it wasn't as easy as I predicted. The hands were glued to those small dummy shafts. Of course after removing the hands I also had to remove the remaining of the glue from the hands.....painstaking job I would say.

I had a bad feeling about the crowns, there were so stuck didn't want to move at all. I put the whole case in hot water for 5 minutes just to ease up the success. Then my secret weapon came in the picture: is the solution for everything. That thing just worked.

So let's start to chase a new pusher.

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So I already figured out that the model number SDW701F belong to 7T32-F069.

After a search on Seiko Oceania's database it turned out that the  7T32-F060 has a model number of SDW599F.

Do you remember the end of my first post in this topic? I'm pretty sure that under that upper sticker there is another one stating the correct SDW599F model number.

The part number for the correct pusher (or Button how Oceania called them) is 8060F039 and unfortunately it is obsolete and not available at Cousins UK. :(:( After doing a reverse search it turned out that only 7T32-6000, 7T32-F060 & 7T32-F069 models used this type of pusher. That was not an option to find a 7T32-6000 as it is more rare then the F060.

Hmmmm.....I checked the pusher part number for the two tone version 7T32-F050 which is 8060F038 and still available from Cousins. But that has a gold plated cover which I should remove somehow...too difficult, too much time, too many risk to make mistake.

Meanwhile because I was so desperate I purchased a 7T32-F050 from ebay, just in case...maybe for parts or something.

It was in decent condition:

This was the stage when I was about to remove its pusher and remove the gold plate cover from it.....but luckily I didn't do that! Here comes the "Eureka" moment! 8)

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The fact that I had a photo about these 7T32 titanium watches somewhere on my PC has just popped into my mind. Many years ago I downloaded it from a Hungarian site...but I don't remember exactly where.

This was the photo which gave me a clue how to chase this pusher again!

Looks identical! But wait!!!!  Did you spot something??? Anything? Just a minor thing??

Look at the model number, this one has SDW599P whereas mine has SDW599F. (or according to the incorrect sticker SDW701F)

That one letter makes a huge different actually as the SDW599P is the 7T32-6J10 version which looks (almost) identical to my SDW599F aka 7T32-F060.

(Generally I'm quite confident that the SDW701F aka 7T32-F069 and SDW599F aka 7T32-F060 are the exact same watches, the only difference is the market to Seiko made and distribute them)

The part number for the 7T32-6J10's pusher is 80608209 which is still available at Cousins! :D:D

But the question is now arising: are they identical in general.....or at least in terms of the pushers??

Before I placed the order I had to figure it out.


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Great write-up so far, Arpad.  Nice to see someone making full use of interrogating Seiko Oceania's database too. 

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Why did I say they are almost identical? :P

Well, because there are some small differences between them.

No. 1:

Photo about a SDW599P aka 7T32-6J10 (found it on eBay)

Photo about my SDW599F aka 7T32-F060

Did you spot something on the dial printings? The 6J10 says SQ100 whereas the F060 says SPORTS 100.

I can't really be sure about the hands. When I compared their part numbers on the Oceania's database it seems apart from the small hand at 6 o'clock position they don't have the same. Unfortunately I haven't find any genuine!! photo about the 6J10 except that one from the Hungarian I can only guess. Even though the Oceania database says they don't have the same hand's part number (except the small one at 6 o'clock) I do believe that they are identical in appearance. Just try to zoom that Hungarian photo about the 6J10 and compare it with my F060 sample case. The hands looks identical to me. That means in my book that the 6J10 on the above photo has a replacement hands...even the small ones looks suspicious to me.

No. 2:

Photo about a SDW599P aka 7T32-6J10 (found it on eBay)

Photo about my SDW599F aka 7T32-F060

This one is easy. The clasp arrangement is different. F060 has the typical 5 hole clasp, whereas the 6J10has that tricky double secured safety clasp.

No. 3:

This is actually not visible from outside :)

When you check the gasket details on the database that's when you are facing with the difference.

The 7T32-6J10 has the typical FH3180B01 case back and typical EC0060B01 button gasket which was used on many 7Axx models too.

The 7T32-F060 has the FH3180B0A which is typical for SPORTS 100 models, unfortunately the part number for button gasket is missing...but I have a good guess that it would be the EC0060B0A.

The interesting thing here is both watches are actually water resistant upto 100m but the 6J10 (SQ100 model) uses the gaskets which was used for the 50m water resistant models....weird. :roll:

OK, so in general there are couple of small differences between these models. But what about the pusher?? :P

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Well, I'm 100% confident that 8060F039 vs. 80608209 pushers are the same. Why?

I compared the part numbers of their pusher springs and their pusher button clips (that green plastic thingy). They are identical for both: spring is 81350540 and button clip is 81400900 ! That's why I was brave enough to order one 80608209 from Cousins as a possible replacement for the 7T32-F060.


And here is what I received:

Let's see the original 8060F039 pusher:

So far so good! :D

Then here is a comparison shot.

Left side is the new 80608209, right side is the original 8060F039 pusher. (The strange thing is that the gaskets looks the same to me...the one on the original pusher obviously changed its shape due to it was inside the pusher tube for many years.)

Left is the new one, right is the original.

Perfect match to me! It is time to assemble the watch and bring life into it! :P

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As usual I was a lazy bastard to take any photos during the resurrection surgery....I beg for your apology :)


A working 7T32-F060 is born from a sample case after so many vicissitudes :D


And together with its brother:

Mission accomplished. :D

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As I mentioned in the first post that I really like the 7T32 titanium models can you make a rough guess about the next titanium model which is currently on its way to me? :)


Let me post this picture again...just to give you a helping hand! :)

Any idea? :D



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The answer for the game is here. :D

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