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Seiko7A38 at July 20, 2018 at 12:25 AM

This 7A38-701A in average worn condition, with typically faded chronograph hands, (now pale yellow instead of their original orange) and wabi'd bezel inlay, was listed yesterday morning by a Spanish eBay seller, with an over-optimistic Buy-it-Now price of 420 Euros.

The Spanish eBay seller had re-listed that 7A38-701A, four more times since July, gradually reducing the Buy-it-Now price, most recently down to 280 Euros. I hadn't been watching it closely, so I'd missed spotting that it had sold late on Friday night. But even then, it didn't sell for the much reduced Buy-it-Now price.'s Look-up tool reveals it sold for a best offer of 247 Euros.

The eBay Purchase History shows there were a couple of other offers made: 

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Seiko7A38 at December 5, 2018 at 2:23 PM

If you'd added that (10-day) Italian eBay auction listing for a 7A38-701A to your eBay watching page, as I did, you'll probably have noticed that it's already been bid to over 500 Euros in less than 6 hours ! :o

The crazy early bidding on that 7A38-701A continued for a couple of days. With a full 7 days of the auction still left to run, it eventually stalled @ 600 Euros. :roll:

The 10-day auction ended 10 minutes ago, with bidding still at 600 Euros after 33 bids. The extra bid (the only one actually made in the last 7 days) was placed by the winning bidder, 2 minutes before the auction ended - presumably as a 'safety' bid, in case anybody decided to snipe it.

Was it shilled ? Of course it was. Let's face it, most Italian eBay auctions seem to be. The losing bidder certainly has 100% bidding activity with the seller. But how many other bidders were involved in jacking it up to that unrealistic selling price ?

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This well-worn, but unusually (for him) original 7A38-701A, with manky dial and hands lume, was listed in the early hours of this morning by arch Filipino watch botcher badingski, as a 7-day auction, with an opening bid price of $9.99.

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The above 7-day Filipino eBay auction for a well-worn 7A38-701A ended in the early hours of this morning, selling for $125.50 after 37 bids.

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I sometimes find it difficult to express my utter contempt for would-be profiteering eBay re-sellers in polite terms. The word Scumbag immediately springs to mind. A rather familiar looking well-worn 7A38-701A with manky dial and hands lume was listed yesterday by one such UK eBay seller times2go, as a 10-day auction, with an absolutely ludicrous opening bid price of £324.99.


Modern Watches Are A Thing Of The Past!

Vintage Seiko 7A38 - 701A


Vintage SEIKO Chronograph rare MATRIX dial




Cal : 7A38


Diameter mm - Lug to Lug mm


Nice and Clean, please see pics




Very nice and clean condition, cleaned but NOT Polished, please see pics


Original Seiko, Good Condition


Original Seiko Bracelet

Overall Condition

Lovely clean condition, ready for you to wear.

Running Perfect,tested for time keeping and day/date changing as it should.

serial number: 305134

I try my best to describe my items, anything missed out due to human error is to be considered covered by the pictures.

I do not guarantee time keeping on any of my vintage watches even if the time keeping is perfect. Adjustments of some sort is generally the norm with vintage watches. Please understand this and keep this in mind especially if you are new to handling vintage watches.

I am not a dealer and this is a hobby, therefore I'm only able to check messages once every couple of days. REMEMBER ask Questions first and then bid, this will save time and money for both parties.

I expect bidders to have prior knowledge of the vintage items they are bidding on and I do not encourage novice bidders.

Please note, For Some Identical items, stock pictures may be used.


This is a private eBay listing targeted at fellow collectors, not a rental service for those seeking a vintage watch for that one- off occasion to then demand refunds because 'the item is not as described' or 'I didn't realise the colour doesn't match my curtains' or' sorry, my dog placed the bid!'. These types of excuses will not be entertained so no time wasters please!



This watch, described in such glowing terms, is of course the very same well-worn 7A38-701A, subject of my two preceding posts, sold by Filipino eBay seller badingski on 7th January for $125.50. Although the seller has managed to upload the wrong photo of the case-back (from his other listing for the ex-badingski 7A38-7010) the serial number quoted in his description matches badingski's: 3O5134.

As for his blatant false statement: I am not a dealer. Obviously utter horseshit !

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It's not like I'm withholding priviliged information, but occasionally, I'll deliberately refrain from posting about an eBay item, so as not to draw any more attention to it than necessary. As was the case with a particularly rare 7A38 spare part which popped up on eBay at the end of January. In fact, had it not been so late in the evening and the circumstances different, I'd probably have posted it immediately following my preceding post on 31st January.

The item in question was a NOS 7A38-701A bezel, Seiko p/n 82390103, which falls into the 'rare as rocking horse manure' category. It was listed by the Italian eBay seller simone00simone as a 10-day auction, with an opening bid price of 1 Euro. The potential for shill bidding aside, I was under no delusion that I'd pay dearly for it, if I actually won the auction. As things turned out, my not posting about it here in a timely fashion probably made little or no difference. The listing received some 238 views over the 10 days and at one point when I checked, it had 40 watchers ! :roll:

Warehouse found NOS RING for Seiko 7A38-701A CHRONOGRAPH VINTAGE.

I don’t ship to Spain and Canary Islands.

The auction ended about 20 minutes ago, with the NOS 7A38-701A bezel selling for a whopping 151 Euros after 18 bids.

I won the auction. :D Now all I need is a half decent 7A38-701A to put it on. :roll:

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Seiko7A38 at November 3, 2017 at 6:36 AM

This well-worn partly functional 7A38-701A 'Head Only' was listed overnight by a US eBay seller with a ludicrous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price of $600 !! :o To add insult to injury, he's offering it through eBay's GSP programme, which for anybody in Europe stupid enough to even contemplate anything like that price would potentially add a further $188 in charges on top !

Here's a blast from the past ! :lol:

Remember this well-worn partly functional 7A38-701A 'Head Only', listed by US eBay seller nite_flite_time back in November 2017 ? He did briefly reduce his ludicrous 'pie-in-the-sky' Buy-it-Now price by 25% at one point - down to 'only' $450. That didn't work, so he's just carried on blithely automatically re-listing it ever since, with the price back up to $600, still retaining the same eBay item number. :roll:

Now he's trying a different tack. Overnight he's re-listed it another 6 times !! :o

But on different eBay domains: - Australia, asking $853.56 Au. - on eBay UK asking £459.30 - on eBay France asking 534.66 Euros - on eBay Germany same 534.66 Euros - on eBay Italy again at 534.66 Euros on eBay Spain again at 534.66 Euros

Just in case anybody still watching the original listing thinks they might be seeing double. Here's one who won't be adding it to their eBay watch list more than once.

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