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This is just a quick post to show anyone what a damaged switch lever looks like if they decide to service their 7a's. It's not a great picture sorry but it does show that the top lever has gnarled edge just where the pusher moves it. The bottom one is my replacement. These can be a source of much frustration to the user 

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I've seen a LOT worse than that, Phil ! :P

The part number in question: Seiko p/n 4450.727 Switch actuator lever - Obsolete - NLA 

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Yes I know but I think this is from constant abuse rather than neglect.  It just irks me that this is has been pressed squillions of times, now I know we all like to play but to finally push the metal into a wrinkled effect is too much. :mad:

Yes I'm being picky picky picky :P

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