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I haven't been monitoring the forum statistics as closely as I should do, but when I briefly checked the control panel this afternoon, I noticed an increase in visitor traffic from France during December. It's due to this French blog article which includes links to our site:

It majors on the 7A28 and quite frankly is nothing to write home about, but I thought the least I could do was return the favour. :P

I notice the author has cheekily borrowed one of my 7A38 movement shots (without credit). 

However, whereas this one is a bit lacklustre, there are other superb blog articles I've read before on this site ....

Such as this one, from October this year, about the late great Jim Clark's Enicar Sherpa (chrono) Graph  

Well worth a look - even if you don't understand French - or have to resort to using Google Translate. 

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