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Thought I'd post this, as I've never come across it before!

On the right is my 7049 caseback with stamped lettering as you'd expect, on the left is my 7040 caseback, with what appears to be the wording 'BLUESPOTINC' somehow marked onto the metal. No other wording at all.

I did a Google search for Blue Spot Inc. and discovered that there is a watch wholesaler in New York by that name. So maybe that is the connection. But why the lack of Seiko stamp? Very odd.

Note also the circular marks inside the 7040 caseback. The result of a previous owner having fitted the wrong battery (too shallow in depth), which had then allowed the two contact arms to come up over the top of the battery case and hence scratch the back as it was tightened. Luckily there was no damage to the arms, and they sprang back into their normal position when I removed the battery.

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