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Unless of course they're your own images. ;)

Call me a dinosaur, if you like .... :P

But I have a nothing but contempt for the latter-day phenomenon self-indulgent time-wasting detritus that calls itself Social Media - and the greasy-fingered small screen wiping brigade of semi-literate morons that frequent it. I'm talking about Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and their ilk. All the mindless Following; Liking; Pinning; Re-Blogging and Re-Tweeting adds absolutely nothing of value, IMO.

Yes, I'll admit I had a Facebook page a few years ago. Accumulated some 300+ alleged friends at one point, too, before I got fed up of all the annoying pointless crap and SPAM it was generating and deleted my account - at a stroke. Can't say I've missed it, either. :roll:

Flickr, which was once by far and away the best conventional photo hosting site, is sadly headed that way too: trying to turn itself into a social media site - that's why I switched over to PhotoBucket and have never used Flickr again since.

No, what I try to concentrate on - and Lord knows it takes up enough of my time is this website. My primary purpose being to make it the ultimate point of reference: for factual information and photos of Seiko 7A38 and related quartz chronographs - or as I wrote on the home page: The #1 Resource.

You may note that at the foot of every thread / forum section / screen page it clearly states: All content copyright © 2012 - 2015.

There are something over 10,000 photos embedded in various posts on the forum. Less than half of them are 'mine'. Hundreds of them have been right-clicked and saved from eBay auctions. Wherever possible, I've credited the eBay seller (or any other source) accordingly. In the couple of instances where anyone (eBay seller Wheesht! of 7A28-7120 RAF Gen. 1 notoriety, springs to mind) specifically requested that I remove their images (his were indeed watermarked with a ©;) I have complied.

So you can imagine how it p!sses me off to find my photos, lifted from this site, posted elsewhere and credited to someone else ! 

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So what made me see red yesterday ? (Before work intervened; I got side-tracked and had to leave finishing this till later). :|

Yesterday morning I'd added a post to the 7A38-6000 model specific thread - about a new listing by an Australian eBay seller.

In his description, he'd more or less copied and pasted verbatim my Buyers Guide and Specification from that thread.

The irony was that he'd also written: Extremely rare model. Google it and see if you can find one.

Of course, that's how he'd found the thread himself - by googling it. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. :roll:

Just to be sure that our thread was still top of the results returned, around lunchtime, I googled 7A38-6000 - as you do.

I then made the 'mistake' of scrolling down the page. Most of the subsequent results are dead photo links (from my old Flickr and previous PhotoBucket accounts), but towards the bottom of the page I found this - an Instagram 're-direct' and clicked on the link: 

I immediately recognised the second image on the top row:

It's a pretty lousy reproduction of an image of my 7A38-6000 - one of the first photos I ever took of it - as received, still fitted with the Citizen ND Limits rubber dive strap, which I took back in November 2010 and had later re-posted in the 7A38-6000 model thread:

I've taken far better photos since. What really p!ssed me off was that it had been credited to @analoglust - whoever he might be. :mad:

I recognised the Instagram poster vintagewatchdubai as a member of this forum (under another name). I PM'd him asking him to remove it - my PM was assertively worded, but civil. His prompt response(s) were rather less than polite: 

Paul who the f**k do you think you are talking to me like that.

Pic's I put up on Instagram I either credit the source or refer to them in the tag. 

But listen to me you are deeply mistaken if you think I tolerate some troll like you telling me they don't have time for indulgent crap. 

The photo stays where it is.

FYI - I reposted the source from another source who I assumed owned the pic legimately.

You should informing them not me. 

But like I said I would love and I mean love if you said that to me face in the tone you mentioned below. 

I assure you it would very much be a different conversation.

As can be deduced from the above tirade, this is another instance of mindless re-posting (or whatever they call it on Instagram) ....

But without bothering to properly check (or read) the previously correctly credited image posted by analoglust back in March 2011 - which already has 176 Likes (and 5 moronic comments), that I'd failed to spot before - and could care less about, quite frankly. ....

Yesterday I threatened this member (who has contributed little of value to the forum) with a ban if he did not comply with my request.

His final PM response was:

Paul please delete and ban me as if this is your attiude I sincerely don't want any part of this forum. 

You can inform the Instagram account yourself (analoglust) about the copyright infringement ....

Like I said, I got side-tracked by work yesterday (soon after reading that) ....

This morning the offending Instagram re-post has still not been removed. He's has had ample time to comply with my request.

His 46 Likes on Instagram are obviously worth more to him than membership of this forum.

So now I'm going to comply with his request.

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Speaking of social media, this afternoon a forum member kindly gave me a 'heads up' that some unscrupulous Vietnamese is trying to sell a stainless 7A38-7020 on Facebook for $300, using one of my wrist shot photos (actually of a 7A38-7029) as 'bait'.


It's not difficult to see how he found it. If you Google images on 7A38-7020, it's the first result returned ....

Google links it back to this thread:  7A38-7020 BAND

Though I'd previously first posted it back in May 2012 at the bottom of page 6 of the WRUW thread (my image # P1100029).

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O.K. I tried asking nicely, but now I’m getting really p!ssed. :mad:

As I stated before, my prime objective in maintaining this forum is to be the #1 resource, in terms of providing factual information and good quality photographs. In my book, that means keeping this website #1 in Google’s rankings for any search on a 7A38 model number. It’s the reason I often deliberately repeat model numbers in my posts – to ensure Google’s crawl bots find them.

I’ve noticed a worrying trend, where in the results for certain Google searches on model numbers, including the product code, for example 7A38-7140 SAA051J, the forum’s 7Axx model specific topic is no longer the first result returned. Instead it’s been overtaken by a Pinterest image which has been pinned from the relevant thread ! :o

So, regrettably, I’ve had to sign into Pinterest and started politely asking the culprits to unpin these images.

I know I’m probably wasting my time – that’s why I’ve already started to lose my patience with these morons.

So instead I’ve decided to name and shame them here (besides banning any who might be forum members).

The #1  #thieving #moron I’ve identified so far is Bill Goodes (responsible for 7A38-7140 SAA051 and others).

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I also run fairly regular Google image searches on Seiko 7A38, just to see what’s trending. I’d noticed that one of my older wrist shots of a stainless 7A38-7020 (indeed the same photo of a -7029 as in my penultimate post) had suddenly jumped to the 4th image returned. Not linked from the WRUW thread, or elsewhere on this forum. Oh No - but from bloody Pinterest again ! :mad:

It’s been pinned by a Simon Bak, who looking at his second group of pinned images appears to be a fashion victim with dubious sartorial taste.

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