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Sir Alan
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I decided a couple of weeks ago that it would be prudent to change the batteries in my 7Axx's - it's been a while now since I started collecting them and I wasn't sure of the state or age of the batteries.

So, after ordering 50 batteries from Cousins I set about the task. An hour and half later and I've manged these:

and I have a growing pile of these:

I adjusted the trimmer on those watches that were showing a significant drift (+/- 1 minute or more).

I found two watches with sticky sub-dial hands (in both cases the minute counter).

At some point I'll set about a full service on all of the watches.

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Site Owner
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I'm not quite so methodical as you, in that respect, Simon - but perhaps it's the best way to tackle the (size of the) battery problem. :/

Seems every time I open one of my half a dozen or so 24 / 32 watch aluminium collection cases, lately, I find at least one watch has stopped, or is doing the 'two second tick' indicating a low battery.

I've already got through 2 (x10 pack) boxes of Renata # 394's and another 10 pack of Seizaiken SR936SW's this year so far. :roll:

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Sir Alan
Posts: 458

Just finished most of my 7A28's

phew, that was hard work.

I need to order some more batteries........

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Sweet collection collection Sir Alan :D

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Great Collection, Sir Alan, and good to know how long its need. Next month its my job with 55 7Axx. What kind of tool you used? A special one? I use the two pin opener, but look for a better tool. Thanks to Paul for the great Forum and sorry for my english. Carlo
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My collection is way smaller, and constantly fluctuating, so I rarely do a "watch battery swap day"... Nevertheless, very nice collection of Seikos... mm those 2 7A48s.....


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