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Hello Everyone !

I'm looking for help with my two chrono 7a28 - 701A and 7010

I'm looking for pusher gaskets for 701A for all pushers, which will fit, I tried from some other seikos 7T32 and 7T34, (I got few cases in my part stock) none of them works

and I'm looking for pushers for 7010, I need to exchange all of them, tube is ok, just pusher , they are not original :/

I don't have good camera to take any pic, but I  got good experience in watchmaking field.

I already created account on cousinsuk , but I'm stuck with part references numbers

I have been posting already on other forums, and contacted few sellers from ebay, but still it's not enough helpfull

Please if you know where I can get those parts, or from which watches it will fit, or know any direct references, or any else info let me know !!

I will be very grateful for any help, watches are disassembled, and I can't wear them :/


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Hello, Phil. I don't mind helping newbies with parts enquiries, but you could have quite easily found the answers and the parts yourself - with very little effort. It takes me far longer to write up a reply like this than it does to actually find the information.

First of all you need identify the part numbers.

Use Seiko Oceania's database search:

These Pushers (Button) and O-Ring Gaskets are common to the 7A28-7010 and 7A28-701A - which presumably you already knew.

The same pusher button p/n 80600549 is also used on various 5M22 and 5M42 Kinetics (one only) and the 7T27-7A10 (2 only).

The same pusher gasket p/n EC0060B01 is used many other 7A28's and 7A38's and hundreds of other Seiko chrono' models.

Go to Cousins UK and search on both part numbers:

This is a substitute part number (rather than OEM Seiko). I've never tried these before myself (I've been using Labanda O-Rings).

A lot cheaper though. :)

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Great help with the Cousins lead for parts, thanks.

Now looking for a Seiko crystal 330W26GN00  ?

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