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Can anyone tell me the part numbers for the push button, spring and clip, please?

I believe the ref. number for the clips is C12026A, but cannot find the part numbers for the push button and the spring (unless both come together)?

Many thanks


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The Seiko part number for the pusher button for a stainless 7A38-7060 is 80600509.

The spring is p/n 81350540; the washer is p/n 81400829; the O-Ring Seal is p/n EG0060B01.

However, in the past when I have ordered pusher buttons from Cousins UK, all four parts have come assembled together.

Cousins p/n for the pusher button is SEI80600509.

According to their database, the Seiko p/n for the circlip is 83200271 (one of many part numbers they use for the same thing).

Cousins p/n C12026A is a tube of (Qty. 24) 1.5mm circlips - Swiss made (Eufor brand). A rather cheaper alternative source. ;)

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Hi Paul

That's great, thanks very much. :)



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Hi Paul

Having a nightmare with these circlips :(


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Sir Alan
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Is your problem getting them off, or on again?

Without the 'proper' tool, getting them off is VERY difficult.

You need a tool that has a V groove in it that is approx. the width of the c-clip. Just orientate the clip so the open end is pointing up, then use the tool to push down on both open ends - the clip will open and pop (or ping) off.

This tool could be a screwdriver blade (1.4mm) with a groove filed out of the centre.

The first few times you do this you stand a good chance of losing the c-clip. With practice you'll get the feel of how much pressure to apply and also where they want to launch themselves.

My technique for putting them back on is to dab a little silicone grease on the pusher, then use tweezers to position the c-clip with open ends directly down, being held in place by the grease.

Then I get a screwdriver (I use the bergeon purple size) and push down firmly and directly on the c-clip. It doesn't require any real force, just a steady push.

Then I clean off the grease.

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Hi Alan Simon.

It was fiiting the clip back on which was a nightmare. I used almost all the clips (24!) before I finally succeeded. I think the main problem was that I didnt have a loupe (which I have now purchased) which is probably essential as they are so tiny. ;)



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