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I have just aquired one of these and it's a cracker, but, as always the bracelet is just slightly too small. It does fit my wrist and it is wearable but I just need 1no extra link for it to be perfect. My question is are these still available from here

as this suggests, and if so has anyone got access to this company as I believe you have to be in the trade to gain access.

Is there any member that could help me out here?

Many thanks Phil

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Other than using as an alternative source of parts information (to Seiko Oceania's database) you're wasting your time pursuing this. Boley not only don't hold the inventory, but they won't deal with individuals direct (or even reply to queries).

There are various references on this forum and SCWF. For example:

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Thanks Paul I sort of thought as much, anyway she's wearable and nice condition

Been wanting one of these for a long time, I'm quite chuffed :D

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