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Recently posting about my 7A28-7089 Titanium, I have began to move about the forums in search for more info. I have noticed that most post are in reference to the 7A38. Is there something about the 7A38 that makes it far superior or is it just more common than the 7A28? I personally enjoy my watch very much, but it seems somewhat undesirable. After finding this site, I would like to acquire more models, but being new to this, I have much learning to do and would like my future purchases to be more info driven. I do not mind purchasing something that is pleasing to me, but I also consider it an investment that will be passed down to my children and so on, therefore I am not so quick to just throw my money away. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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The thing i like about the 7a38 more is that it has day and date functionality as well as the stuff the 7a28 does. The watches with 7a38 just have everything. The 7a38 feels like a more complete movement having day date and are also more practical. That's just what I think. 

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admiral, I agree with you !     8)     BUT on the other hand there are more things that can go wrong    :(    Like my 7A38 Sports 100 that sometimes won't advance the day  :o

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