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I am currently replacing most of my sleep with a Global search for a 7a28-7020. How rarely do they come up for sale and what is a sensible price?

After I set my heart on one I discovered that apparently they are a James Bond watch. I suspect this could affect prices considerably? If all else fails, what is the model number of the nearest 7a38, stainless steel, no frills, white dial and traditional lug "horns"?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, in the meantime I'm off to read up on mending my current 7a38��

Best wishes to all,


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But won't ship to the USA.  :(

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Thank you. I was talking with Paul about that last night. I'm currently watching it and hoping. 

It would be good to have a reciprocal arrangement with members in the States. Many US sellers won't ship outside CONUS. The last watch I bought from the States cost me 100 USD AND 35 Customs!

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