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Hi Guys,

It's nice to meet everyone, and I'm glad I found this forum to help me learn more about your very cool Seiko 7A38s.  I was recently at our Los Angeles watch get together, and one of the guys brought with him the re-issue of the 7A28-7000, and I was just amazed by the very cool design of this watch.  I am a big vintage Heuer fan and collector, and really enjoy collecting chronographs in general, but don't own any quartz watches yet, but this masterpiece of a design has really caught my eye, so I'm hear to learn a bit more.

I have not had a chance to go through the huge number of pages of info everyone has posted throughout the forum, but I will begin searching and reading shortly.  Any guidance of where to start, in order to learn more about the 7A28-7000 and 7A28-7009 models would be greatly appreciated.  I am not certain the difficulty and price point for these two models, but would love to acquire them both if I have the opportunity.  

Look forward to chatting with many of you soon.

Carlo AKA @HeuerFan

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Hello, Carlo.

Thank you for posting an introduction. I understand your enthusiasm, but had you taken the trouble to have a browse around the forum first, you would possibly have found these threads which might have been of interest / relevance: Sticky: Please introduce yourselves - by replying 7T11 / 7T12 Seiko Spirit / Giugiaro and other retro-look chrono's. Alien 3 (or Alien: Resurrection) - Another eBay Caveat Emptor...

As far as a guide to prices for the original 7A28-7000 'Aliens' (as opposed to the very recent 7T12 based re-issues) ....

I'd suggest running a Worldwide search on ended eBay auctions:

You will find a couple of original 1980's 7A28-7000's amongst all the mis-described 7T12-based re-issues. E.g. item # 252143367796.

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