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Hello there,

What are the part numbers for the pusher and crown for 703b model? And what other models have same parts so I can hunt them down.

Or any member of this forum if you have spare parts I would gladly pay for them.

Also I did my own bracelet cleaning and tightening up links, it started to disassemble during wearing. Now it's good and clean.

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The Seiko part numbers for pusher button and crown for the 7A28-703B (and -7039) are 80600529 and 45M54NS1 respectively.

The pushers are used on other 7A28-703x models and the same crown is also used on the 7A38-701x models.

Unfortunately, both pusher and crown are obsolete and no longer avaiable from Seiko. I can't offer any help with a substitute for the pusher, but Seiko crown p/n 45M74NS1 (used on the stainless 7A38-7270 and others) is still available and would work in its place.

If I remember correctly, the only (barely visible) difference is less than 0.5mm in the height of the knurling.

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Thanks for the info. I will track ebay to see if something will show up.

Next thing to do is crystal polishing, it will be done next week.

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