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Rob Benham
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A lot has changed since I became besotted by the Seiko 7A38.  I'm back home in the UK having had back surgery and (back of the) eye surgery.

I'll mention a little about this as watchmaking is so demanding of our eyesight and the story could be encouraging for someone wondering what to do.  The 'vitrectomy and peel' sounds horrible but it was nothing short of a miricle.  In almost no time I had 20/20 vision again.  I'd been  through it all before some years ago with the left eye.  Done under local, people chatting merrily away, it was almost a non-event.  However, I'm now awaiting the inevitable cataract that's part of the deal.  Small price to pay

I've had to cope with a slew of other problems which have resulted in my collection being several thousand miles away, but while licking my wounds, I purchased a couple of 7A's and tried to fettle them.  Mmmm . . . I will not be applying for a job as brain surgeon in the near future - but they work again, so a modest result.

In all seriousness, the time I spent in my hobbyshop in Texas was perhaps the most absorbing I've ever experienced.  I'm greately indebted to this forum, without which I couldn't have got the back off some of the watches.

I hope many of the old hands are still abord and look forward to 'seeing' you all again. 

Rob Benham

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Welcome back Rob…glad to hear all is well. :)

However…you moved from sunny, warm Texas 8)…back to the cold, overcast, damp and miserable weather of the U.K. ? :| 

Glad you're OK.


Paul in Vegas.  8)

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Ditto. Welcome back, Rob - glad to hear you're still in the 'land of the living'. :)

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