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O.K. So in the midst of starting to write up the first new 7Ax38-xxxx model specific thread in a very long time, I've allowed myself to become distracted by yet more garbage on eBay. Back in April 2015, I started another 'rant' thread in this forum section entitled:

The most frequently abused / mis-used adjectives / keywords seen on eBay  It included these couple of paragraphs:


In terms of Seiko 7Axx's it should only be used when listing a 7A28-7120 RAF Gen. 1 or SAAF issued 7A28-7040 / 7A38-7070.

One of my pet hates - there's a separate thread about it: 

It's frequently mis-used to describe virtually anything in stainless with a black dial, but even completely irrelevant dross like this:

(That listing title originally began Stunning Rare, but the seller had to delete 'Stunning', so he could add 'James Bond').

James Bond

James Bond (Roger Moore in 'A view to a kill') only ever wore one Seiko 7Axx - the stainless white-dialed 7A28-7020 SPR007J.

Again, we have a separate light-hearted thread about them: 

However, you'll frequently come across other stainless white-dialed 7Axx's, for example: the 7A38-7190 and 7A38-7280/9 and other similarly cased 7A28-702x's, such as the gold-tone 7A28-7029 and two-tone 7A28-7020 being given the James Bond treatment.

Oh, Yes - and sometimes you'll see completely irrelevant dross like that recent two-tone 7A38-7190 (see 'Military' above). 

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I could have added this latest travesty to that existing thread, but as abuse by eBay sellers of the (real) James Bond 007 7A28 connection is becoming increasingly prevalent, I thought I'd start another, specifically to highlight this annoying trend, as I see it.

In between composing my next post in that new 7A38-xxxx model specific thread, I thought I'd take a break and run a quick worldwide search on eBay to see if any new 7A38's had been listed in 2017. This hideous abberation was the first thing that caught my eye. :o


Seiko Day Date Bicolor Quartz Chronograph von 1986, Seiko Manufakturkaliber 7A38 mit 15 Lagersteinen, ein ähnliches Modell trug Roger Moore als James Bond 1985 in dem 007 Film "Im Angesicht des Todes - A View To A Kill", weltweit der erste Quartz-Analog-Chronograph, massives Bicolor Stahlgehäuse mit verschraubtem Boden (Durchmesser ohne Krone und Drücker 35 mm, 10 mm Bauhöhe), drei Chronographendrücker auf 2, 4 und 10 Uhr, Krone auf 8 Uhr, feine Stabzeiger, mattgoldenes Zifferblatt mit aufgelegten feinen Goldstundenbalken, drei vertieften Hilfszifferblättern (Totalisatoren) und Tachymeter-Innenlünette (Rehaut), Datum und Wochentag (auf Deutsch und Englisch) auf 3 Uhr, Hardlexglas (mit Kratzern), permanente Sekunde auf 6 Uhr, 1/10-Sekundenzähler auf 3 Uhr, 30-Minutenzähler auf 9 Uhr, integriertes Seiko Stahlarmband mit Faltschließe (rund 22 cm Armumfang), mit neuer Batterie, die Uhr läuft mit sehr guten Gangwerten, getragener Zustand mit Kratzern auf dem Glas, dem Gehäuse und dem Armband, die Vergoldung auf der Lünette ist berieben, die Chronographendrücker lassen sich nicht mehr betätigen, die Uhr wird daher ausdrücklich als defekt angeboten, mit einer Gebrauchsanweisung für Seiko Analog Uhren und einem 7A38 Hangtag (Etikett), 1986 in Japan hergestellt, Made in Japan, Rarität aus Sammlungsauflösung.


Da es sich um einen privaten Verkauf handelt, sind Gewährleistungsrechte (Wandlung, Umtausch, Minderung oder Schadensersatz) ausgeschlossen.

It's a knackered (non-running) 7A38-702A fitted with a non-original two-tone Seiko bracelet. It comes with a mint-looking instruction manual (but not for the Seiko 7A38) and a hang tag - which belongs to a stainless dark-blue faced 7A38-706A SAA017J. :roll:

But when I saw the listing, apart from annoyance and disgust, I also had that sense of Déjà vu - particularly the seller's first image.

It took me a while to find it again, but here's where the German eBay seller had used that same background before - recently too.

Clearly thought he'd get some more mileage bondage out of it. 

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This grossly over-priced poor condition stainless 7A38-7190 was re-listed yesterday by an Italian eBay seller for another 30 days.



rare Seiko 1980's Quartz Chronograph watch. 7A38-7190 A6 

type similar and the mode lof James Bond in A View to a Kill film. ( the dial of film is white, this gray ) 

Beautiful vintage '90 seiko chronograph vintage, massive watch working only time no chrono, only working time, hours minutes, chronograph does not function (by pressing buttons chrono not causing anything) look pictures as follows: 

Cassa/case: stainless steel water resistant 

Dial/quadrante: grey have signs as per pictures 

Diameter: 36,8 mm without l crown x 41 mm BRACELET MAX WRIST 150 mm 

Strap/cinturino: full lenght original seiko steel bracelet with original seiko signed buckle 

Crystal: original the glass introduces some scratches. see pictures 

Ref.: 7A38-7190 A6 

Movement/movimento: original seiko chronograph quartz movement 

Crisp grey face with three sub dials. does stain in the center look photos 

Seiko strap. deployant. 

HAS SOME lines, of years back, working good only time, chrono not working (the buttons pressed, do not cause anything) 

It is a lovely example of a classic watch by Seiko. It is in good condition some little signs of time. 

Please study the photos to see condition of the watch. 

No instructions. no box only watch of pictures. 

Original in every single part.

Payment/pagamenti: paypal or money transfer.

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I'd already written about that gold tone 7A28-7020 Franken listed on eBay Germany recently, tacking onto a pre-existing thread.

But what the heck, as it's supposedly another 'James Bond 007' watch (clearly not), I'll copy and paste it here too:

I never see the point in starting a new thread when we've already got one with an appropriate topic title. This one is a perfect fit, although the questionable watch in question, also based on the Seiko 7A28-702x, is rather less subtle than the previous.

I spotted this allegedly rare 7A28-7020 deceptively listed (for 10 days) by a German eBay seller a couple of days ago.

I haven't bothered uploading a screen print of the the second part of the seller's description, because it's totally irrelevant bnllsh!t (about the stainless white faced 7A28-7020 SPR007J), to which (other than the case and bracelet design), this aberration bears absolutely no relation. I've also only uploaded the first of his photos. There are actually 10 more, but none gives a clear shot of the case-back stampings. Though in the absence of that, it's not difficult to identify the component parts of this complete and utter Franken from the first photo.

The watch case and p/n Z1036G bracelet are from a gold-tone 7A28-7020 (or 7A28-7029). It has to be said that their gold plating is in rather better condition than many used examples. The black 702LXB1L dial / hands and presumably also movement are from a stainless 7A28-702A. What's slightly unusual that instead of using the matching black Tachymeter ring from that watch, this Franken uses the blue-grey Tachymeter ring from a 7A38-706A. You've really got to ask yourself why someone went to the trouble. :/

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This grossly over-priced defective stainless black-faced 7A38-702A (the model most frequently misrepresented as a 'James Bond' watch) was re-listed in December by a German seller, having not surprisingly previously gone unsold since November. :roll:



















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Also available in gold-tone allegedly.  Nope - just a common-or-garden 7A28-7029 masquerading as a James Bond watch. :roll:

You are bidding on a Vintage 1984 Seiko Chronograph 7A28-7029

Gold Color version of James Bond watch (7A28-7020)

with Original Band; end link of bracelet seems to be slightly off

Excellent Condition: second hand on chronograph needs to be realigned to 12 o'clock; telling perfect time; everything works perfectly; movement is perfect & pristine

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A couple more erroniously titled wannabe James Bond 7A28's appeared on eBay earlier this week, listed by US sellers.

First another common-or-garden gold-tone 7A28-7029 ....

My personal Seiko Quartz Chronograph from the late 1980's. After seeing it in the Bond movie, I just had to have it. Very cool watch for sure. I only wore this on special formal occasions, thus it is in like new condition. As shown, this is how it has been with decades of storage - not cleaned up, not buffed. You can imagine what it would look like with some TLC. Runs great as always with the new battery. Comes with original case and instruction booklet. 

Good luck!

.... then a 'Rear' two-tone 7A28-7020.

Seiko 7A28-7020 Vintage Collectable! Rare! First quartz analogue chronograph!

Very rare and highly sought after due to it being the first quartz analogue chrono by Seiko and because it was promoted and used in the 007 James Bond Movie A View to a kill.

The watch have original strap. There is some minor scratches at crystal , see pictures. Thanks.

I can see this thread becoming very boring, very quickly. :roll:

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And yet another 7A28 mis-represented as the James Bond watch by a US eBay seller - this time a stainless 7A28-702A. :roll:

I had to chuckle to myself at the eBay seller's ironic choice of user ID - superfilmbuff. But perhaps he's just colour blind. 

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And another colour-blind / keyword spamming eBay seller offering a 'James Bond' 7A38-702A. :roll:

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And yet another colour-blind / keyword spamming Dutch eBay seller offering a 'James Bond' 7A38-702A. :roll:

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The latest distinctly nondescript watch to appear on eBay, masquerading as a 'James Bond' chronograph, is a common-or-garden two-tone 7A38-7060, listed yesterday by a keyword-spamming German seller who can't even spell Rolex. Guess he needed something to make his listing stand out from the crowd. Last time I checked there were 4 of them concurrently listed on eBay Germany. :roll:

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Here's another non-7A28, non-James Bond watch listed an hour ago by a 'confused' Italian eBay seller. :roll:

First glance at the small thumbnail image in the search result summary ....

.... without even clicking on the link to the eBay listing and checking the photos, told me it was actually a stainless 7A38-7280.

More than half of the seller's (total 12) other uploaded images are various angles of the case-back:

The model number 7A38-7280 is clearly visible in at least 3 of them. The seller's description reads:

Raro Vintage SEIKO 7A28-7020 Quartz Chronograph Orologio-James Bond anno 1980 numero della cassa 7D0503, stainless steel, resistente all'acqua; come nuovo in tutte le sue parti, cristallo, fondello, tutti i pulsanti e corona completamente funzionanti, le tre lancette del cronografo ritornano a zero esattamente. Funzioni con pulsante a ore 2 si avviano le lancette del cronografo, lancetta secondi grande e lancette dei decimi ad ore 3; arresto ad ore 2 e ritorno a zero dei contatori ad ore 4; con il pulsante ad ore 10 si arresta il cronografo ma il tempo continua a scorrere con un'altra pressione si attiva il tempo residuo tipo rattrappante.

Funzioni della corona tirandola di due scatti in avanti si rimette l'ora; con un solo scatto sempre in avanti ruotando la corona in senso orario si cambia il giorno, ruotandola in senso antiorario si cambia la data.

Sempre con corona estratta di un solo scatto spingendo il pulsante ad ore 2 si fa avanzare la lancetta del cronografo di secondo in secondo; spingendo il pulsante ad ore 4 si fà avanzare la lancetta dei decimi di secondo ad ore 3; spingendo il pulsante ad ore 10 si fà avanzare la lancetta dei minuti ad ore 9. Da quanto detto si può capire che tutto l'orologio è perfettamente funzionante in tutte le sue parti ed è in condizioni pari al nuovo; viene spedito nella sua scatola seiko con certificato di garanzia scaduta. Cinturino originale Seiko anche esso come nuovo molto elegante tipo jubilè della linea Rolex; batteria nuova. l'orologio è stato comperato da me in Giappone ed è appartenuto solo al sottoscritto, conservato in maniera eccellente e proveniente dalla mia collezione personale di orologi al quarzo di particolare ed altissima qualità. Per qualsiasi domanda o ulteriori fotografie contattatemi.

Strange then, how they managed to read the correct serial number off the case-back, but not the correct model number. 

If not a clone of another listing, per se, I suspect the Italian seller got the idea - and their title from this pukka UK eBay listing:

Or have something that vaguely resembles it ? 

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Something I've noticed with 'confused' eBay sellers (particularly my Aussie 'friend' intel54) is that they will frequently make multiple revisions to their listings, but still not manage to get it right. Late yesterday evening, between approx. 8:00pm and 10:00pm, this Italian eBay seller did exactly that - including replacing a few photos:

Although they appear to have edited the title 4 times, the erroneous model number 7A28-7020 and 'James Bond' still remained.

I began to wonder if this was a deliberate attempt on their part to defraud. So late yesterday evening, I sent them a polite, but firmly worded message, pointing out their errors. It seems to have worked. This morning the listing looks like this. :)

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This deliberate misuse of the 'James Bond' moniker to help sell other 7Axx models appears to be catching on in Germany.

Here's another common-or-garden two-tone 7A38-7060 listed on eBay Germany yesterday, with a lower case 'b' in the title. :roll:

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Keyword spamming eBay sellers do annoy me. This common-or-garden gold-tone 7A28-7029 came up in my eBay saved favourite searches overnight - not because of the 'James Bond!' bnllsh!t in the title, but because the US seller had also needlessly included '7A38' in their description.

For auction is a beautiful Seiko 7A28-7029 Chronograph in all gold. You may recognize the model of watch from the James Bond film A View to a Kill. I purchased this watch from the original owner in my hometown in Western Kansas. He bought the watch in November, 1983 for his collection of high-end Seikos and held onto it ever since.

This particular was runs and keeps perfect time. All chronograph functions operate correctly and reset to zero. You can wear this watch, on the original SQ (Seiko Quartz) gold-tone bracelet, the day you receive it! The 7A28 was the predecessor of the famous 7A38 movement, which added day and date displays to the simpler dial seen here. Personally, I find the simpler display more appealing.

Along with this exemplary watch, you'll receive a vintage Seiko display and storage case.

Blah, Blah, Blah .....

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Another relatively common two-tone 7A28-7020 listed yesterday by a 'James Bond' keyword spamming Finnish eBay seller.

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Here are 3 more NON James Bond keyword spamming 7A28's listed on eBay earlier this week. 

In fact, the first, a stainless 7A28-702A is something of an old friend. The same would-be German eBay seller relev-07 had already re-listed it at the beginning of January (see my post higher up the page). Only now the Buy-it-Now price has been increased from a laughably over-optimistic 349 Euros to an absolutely ridiculous 749 Euros !

The next one is another two-tone 7A28-7020, this time listed by a French eBay seller.

Lastly, yet another common-or-garden gold-tone 7A28-7029 listed by a US eBay seller (erroniously quoting the dial part number).

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I suppose this is about as close a likeness as you can get to a 'James Bond' (7A28-7020 SPR007) watch - and still get it wrong. :roll:

This stainless 7A38-7060 SAA015J was listed earlier this week by an Australian eBay seller, who's clearly hoping to make a killing.

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That apparently confused Aussie  eBay seller ross.michaels clearly knows what he's up to - more keyword spamming ! 

I've just noticed that he's also listing a black dialed 7A28-702A as a James Bond Watch - which this definitely isn't either !

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This continued misuse of the 'James Bond' moniker to misrepresent all and any 7A28-702x variant is becoming endemic.

Here's yet another common-or-garden two-tone 7A28-7020 listed yesterday by a German eBay seller.

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