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Some watches are made to last only as long as they are fashionable. 
Some watches simply aren't made to last.
Seiko watches are designed to withstand the ravages of both time and fashion. Some day, perhaps, all watches will be made this way.
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Nonsense  :/

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It's not nonsense per se, but Latin (of sorts) - one of many versions of Lorem Ipsum.

See: and

And, what's more, Don - I didn't make that post either !! :o You know me - I would have unchecked my signature before posting. ;)

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This is another instance of what happened on Monday evening (except on this occasion, they forgot to delete their handiwork). :roll:

Here's a copy and paste of the relevant post from the other thread (originally posted by myself on January 10, 2017 at 12:10 PM)

One of the reasons I'd replied so promptly to their email, is that I'd refreshed the forum home page about 17:30 UK time ....

.... and noticed that I'd supposedly created a new topic in the 7Axx General Discussion area, about 10 minutes earlier !! :o

Which I certainly hadn't !!  The evidence of it can still be seen on my profile (or at least at the time of writing), anyway ....

That a Webs employee (presumably Michka) has logged onto my site using my logon credentials, created a 'test' topic (and subsequently deleted it) without first asking my permission is a blatant breach of internet protocol and security

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The forum was down for much of yesterday, from around 7:00am UK time (2:00am EST) to around 3:00pm UK time (10:00am EST). Once again this was unplanned downtime - thanks to Webs total incompetence. I deliberately decided not to bother trying to post anything yesterday (discretion being the better of valour), but I did take a LOT of screen prints. I've raised an official complaint about abuse of my logon credentials by a Webs technician and demanded an apology / explanation. Needless to say, should this thread mysteriously disappear I've taken another screen print as proof of their activity.

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