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Compared to some of the other problems we've had to put up with, thanks to our incompetent Webs host, over the last 2 or 3 weeks, this one is relatively minor - but I suspect it's part of a bigger picture (if you'll excuse the pun).

I've spent some considerable time reading the comments (complaints) made by other disgruntled website owners in the various community topics - and there are a LOT of them ! One of the most frequent complaints is that images are missing from their site.

These are images hosted by Webs, which have been lost, replaced by various 'Sorry image not found' placeholders. Thankfully, in hindsight, we hadn't been affected by this problem, because from the outset, I made everyone, including myself, host their images remotely. There was only one Webs hosted image in the gallery. I say 'was', because even that has now gone walkabout. :roll:

Yesterday morning, I noticed that everybody's profile avatars had similarly disappeared from forum posts. It's the same wherever you look at them (or where they should normally appear) - e.g. on your own profile and the Members List.


At this stage, I wouldn't recommend trying to re-upload your profile avatar. Hopefully this should be an easy one for Webs to fix. :roll:

I've added a comment in the most relevant community topic:

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In hindsight, I probably should have given this topic a more generic title like: Webs latest glitchES - Multiple Current Problems.

I'm not going to bother starting a separate topic for each, because they're all clearly connected to the change to Cloudflare hosting.

Whereas the forum is looking OK-ish, apart from the ongoing annoying Captcha challenge problem and missing profile avatars,

all is not well elsewhere. The Control Panel / Dashboard (which I use to manage the site) is virtually unusable at the moment. :(

Hence the reason I haven't updated the Home page and the Page Footer, which I would normally have done 3 weeks ago. :roll:

The 'Publish' button doesn't work ! :mad: Other apps like the Members section are virtually impossible to edit most of the time ....

This is the latest Webs (standing joke) screen that I'm regularly presented with.

Currently there are two new member applications pending. I tentatively accepted one yesterday, but Webs failed to send out the 'Invitation to complete profile' message. So I'm not going to bother attempting any more until this issue is resolved.

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Slightly belated update - all forum members profile avatars mysteriously re-appeared around lunchtime on Wednesday. :)

It only took Webs 4 DAYS to rectify that little problem. :roll: As I wrote in the community topic - I'm STILL not impressed.

So too, has the (thankfully the only) image in the Photo Gallery been re-instated - the 'Section Reserved' notice.

That will be the subject of another test, presently. ;)

PS - In the light of Webs' other recent major catastrophe (where they temporarily  'lost' 1000's of members images, for weeks on end) perhaps I should change that notice to read 'OFF LIMITS' - and NEVER to be used). :roll:

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You want a laugh ? :roll: Webs recent migration of its customers' websites to Cloudflare hosting is supposedly intended to increase security (mitigate DDoS attacks against their servers) and prevent SPAM reaching its customers sites. I think I've done a pretty good job myself over the past 5 years despatching spammers manually. So I really couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this. :o

One of the first (and only) Blog articles I wrote on this site was my A (not so) brief introduction - on 29th January 2012.

A couple of days ago, I noticed a comment had recently been added to that blog article. Needless to say, it was SPAM. :mad:

I've tried deleting it umpteen times - but can I make it disappear completely ? No !! Thank you Webs for the 'enhanced' security.

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I had a quiet chuckle to myself this morning - or more accurately a snigger at our Webs host expense. :roll:

Remember the problem of a week or so ago, where all members' profile avatars disappeared for 4 days ?

Well, I was re-reading a couple of older threads this morning and started seeing 'missing avatars' and spaceholders again ! :mad:

But this time it's not member's uploaded profile avatars that have gone walkabout ....

It's Webs' own default (grey silhouette) avatars (both Male and Female icons) that they've managed to temporarily misplace ! :lol:

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Although Webs Tech Support have now conveniently closed the main community topic relating to images as allegedly having been fully resolved and locked the thread as 'completed' (as of Monday this week), from the number of other related complaints that are still being posted, it's abundantly clear that the Webs hosted image issue still hasn't been properly resolved.

I suspect this latest minor image hosting glitch is connected to 'the bigger picture' and the previous problems we've seen with profile avatars disappearing and reappearing.

Our newest forum member Matt posted this on his profile yesterday (after his avatar uploaded upside down).

Ironically, I'd written in this thread - over a week ago, on 22nd January:

At this stage, I wouldn't recommend trying to re-upload your profile avatar.

I guess that still applies. :roll:

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Haha.  Ok.  Thanks for the tip!  

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Matt. You could always try re-uploading your avatar, with your original image inverted. :P Or perhaps best left to right itself ? :lol:

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It seems to take Webs forever to resolve some of these problems (which are mostly of their own doing). Like the 3 weeks it took to fix the Cloudflare Captcha challenge issue on our forum. (Other website owners are still reporting the same problem, incidentally). 

Here's another absolutely appalling example. You'll have probably read what I wrote above:

.... it's abundantly clear that the Webs hosted image issue still hasn't been properly resolved.

One of those issues is that some website owners who had 'lost' images from their various pages have now had them 'reinstated' - not with their own images, but other random images (presumably belonging to other Webs customers).

Webs Tech Support raised this as another 'new' issue, yesterday.

Note the estimated fix window - 30 days !!! Some of these poor sods have already been having image problems for over 30 days !!!

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It usually seems to take at least a week between raising an issue (on the Online Chat Support team) before it's even acknowledged by Webs Tech Support (who only work Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM). So I really wasn't expecting any kind of quick response to my complaint about SPAM comments appearing on the Blog article and not being able to delete them (which I raised last Saturday).

Yesterday evening I received an email from Webs:

It's their typical 'standard' reply requesting screen prints (as proof). :roll:

So they clearly haven't even looked at the 'New Issue' community topic that I'd raised myself on Monday:

I've since added a few more screen prints for good measure - though I really don't know why I bothered wasting my time. :roll:

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I may as well add this to the list of ongoing issues. :roll:

Some of you may have noticed, recently, that when you've added a new post (or started a new topic) that it didn't show up on the forum home page. Sometimes it was as much as 24 hours later, before it finally appeared there. Not only that, when you went to the relevant forum section, it might not necessarily be your own user ID shown as the last poster. I'd first noticed this error occuring in the second weekend of January, but was more concerned about getting the Captcha issue sorted. Another disgruntled Webs customer, Anita Smith, owner of raised this as a new issue on 26th January.

If you check the comments, I replied on 30th January, adding my 2 cents worth - and a couple of screen prints, including this one:

Only late this evening, have Webs Tech Support finally acknowledged the problem, claiming that it should now be working:

Things appear to be improving - at least my most recent couple of posts successfully show on the forum home page, with the correct timings. But as usual they've only done half a job. Checking my profile, the alleged post timing are still HOURS out of whack !

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