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We had quartz class in school, after two date ETA movements it was time for chronograph ETA. I got permission to service my own Seiko 7A38. Previously minute hand on chrono tended ever so often to zero to 10 position. First time for everything, I felt bit scared when I started but by the time it was in parts I had learned that it is nothing to fear. Few more parts than normal day/dates but just following the instructions is the same.

In pieces and heading for washing machine.

Hardest part, getting all the chrono axles under the bridge in to their jewels.

PCB had battery leak damage that I had previously cleaned, this time around it did not go so well. There is the part of it that died.

I got lucky, we had spare movement in our school in tip top condition. So I didn't have to solder it.

So nice to have it working properly. Nice to know it inside out and wear it proudly knowing I serviced it myself.

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Well done, Samulis.  A bit naughty robbing a Ferrari Formula Cal. 531 of its PCB to fix a 7A38-702A though. 

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