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I have what I think is a lovely Yema N81W53 Chrono with a Seiko 7A38 movement. I'm not a watch-head by any stretch but I'd like to learn a bit more about this watch given to me some years ago by my father. The watch was recently out for repair, unsuccesfully for that matter. The watch maker I brought the watch to, said that the board was bad. The watch keeps time, but will stop every so often and loose time. I re-set the time, and it will run accurately for a while and stop again. He's suggesting I bring it to Seiko for service, but I've not heard good things about them. Also the watch being a Yema gives me additional doubts.

I'm hoping someone here can point me in the direction of a service facility that can get it functioning properly again, hopefully without breaking the bank as it were.


Best, Barry

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P.S. By given to me by my father, I mean that the watch was his for some years prior to my getting it. It no longer had the original band when I received it, and I've gone through a couple of bands myself. I know it's not in perfect condition, but I do love the watch, and it looks much better on my wrist, than it does in these close up pix. Plus, it reminds me of my quirky father who didn't care for the sub-dials and the lack of numbers for the main dial ;)

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Originally posted by Barry_NJ (as a separate new topic in the 7Axx General Discussion Area) on May 5, 2017 at 4:00 PM.

Would someone please recommend a place to have my watch repaired?

My Yema N8 stops every now and then, only to continue keeping time after a reset. I need a place to have it serviced, and have no idea where to turn. A local watchmaker said it needs a main board, but couldn't do the repair.

Thanks in advance!

(Other thread now deleted and merged).

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Barry has since read the PM I'd sent him (on April 30th) suggesting a couple of possible options. ;)

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