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One of my Seikos is a 7T59-6A00 100th sec. chrono with bracelet number G1538.I. It's the notched type case with a 10mm cutout. The problem is I'm a few links short, I've tried in vain most places I could think of to procure some but no joy. Does anyone have any idea where I may be able to get some, or indeed a full bracelet as I really like the hidden clasp. Other than that, can anyone suggest an alternative bracelet?

Many thanks, Kieron

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Keiron. I see you've posted a WTB over on SCWF at the end of July. ;)

It might help if you specified which finish you're looking for - all stainless or two-tone stainless / gold. A 7T59-6A00 can be either.

You might want to check out this thread too (if you haven't already):  Jeeeese for the love of a bracelet !!!! :) (7T59)

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Thank you for the reply, I hadn't seen that post but I do feel his pain, literally! Mine is the all stainless flavour and the bracelet appears to be really comfy, I prefer the short link style bracelet, I find them easier to fit just right but at the moment, it isn't fitting anything! Oh well, I'll just keep hunting. :)

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